Technology is the ultimate impetus for growth. Within tech, the right software and enterprise solutions are the forefront catalysts. And the foundational rock for this is the top-tier platforms and infrastructure with the most-able processes. Here’s Crave InfoTech, an expert in all of the above, showcasing the top 5 trends to dominate enterprise solutions, mobility, and resource planning in 2022.

Predictive Maintenance – Total availability, full utilization, and top optimization

A recent study puts the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of global enterprise maintenance (as a market) at a whopping 15.2% between 2021 and 2028. But that might be just the tip of the iceberg.

All industries from the life sciences umbrella to a farm-to-table niche, require assets to either procure, process, transport, or deliver their value. All assets require upkeep and maintenance. Hence, the resultant impact of maintenance over the final value is immense.

Now, if this maintenance is performed preemptively where anomalies can be detected in their nascent stage through sensors or predicted through an intelligent process then maintenance can synchronize with the resources, material and parts, wrench time, and supply chain.

This means that the assets would be always functioning at the top of their capabilities with minimum downtime over an optimized lifecycle from acquisition to retirement.

This is not just a trend, but an evolution for the industry for the 4.0 effortlessly gears up to 5.0 leveraging at-hand Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Wearable Tech – Efficiency across all tasks and activities

What’s Industry 5.0? Tech reach and possibilities have had compounded growth over the years. We are always connected with our phones, our smartwatches, our self-driving cars. What might have seemed like Sci-Fi a few years back are the norm now. Industry 5.0 is a culmination of all learnings, our tech growth, and the inherent deep learning. All things from Natural Language Processing (NLP) to smart robotics have real and at-scale applications across industries.

One such reach is wearable tech. All forms of wearable tech like finger scanners, smartwatches, and smart glasses have begun to further optimize and ease shop floor operations across manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, etc.

Let’s look at smart glasses. We have seen strong consumer uses of such glasses in our lives. The full value of the smart glasses, as a heads-up display, can be seen in high-volume movement or warehouses and critical asset maintenance across industries.

Within picking, sorting, staging, and loading the on-floor personnel can optimize their activities and operations with these glasses. Mundane and repeatable work can be eased and simplified so that the personnel not just have more time on their hands but also apply the time they have on more rewarding tasks (for the company and themselves). Further, the glasses also enable the forever-big-thing of trailer capacity optimization using 3D augmented reality.

Cloud deployment – It’s written in the clouds and so it shall happen

We have spoken about cloud deployment a lot in the past. Let’s now look at it from a different consumer-service viewpoint to understand the actual market impact. Let’s talk about gaming, especially massively multiplayer online gaming (MMOG). This market is expected to touch $29 billion by 2022 with major AAA games already thriving as massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).

Why is this relevant? What’s the biggest thing about MMORPG – concurrency, always live, and fast. These are the factors that you want in your industrial processes, especially within life science, oil and gas, energy, utilities, and the supply chain. Data is captured live, processed, and turnaround within microseconds. The not-so-well-kept-secret is cloud deployment.

Cloud deployment ensures real-time processing for all your operations and functions with instant results and analytics. This is how you optimize the routes for your last-mile logistics for same-day deliveries. It’s also how you stay ahead of all asset anomalies and downtime. The power of the cloud is not just in its speed, but also in its security. If we were only the top 2 biggest impact points of the cloud, its efficiency, and security. Without the best security, clouds would never have been viable. But we know they are and it’s pushed massive growth across sectors.

Cloud deployment isn’t a new trend by any means, however, industries are still opening up to migrations from on-premise set-ups. Then there’s the hybrid cloud that meets both sides of the table very well. In the end, the future would belong to cloud deployment – public, private, or hybrid.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Putting bots to the right use

We know robotics is a big enabler on the shop floor. What about the robotic processes? We have defined and spoken of RPAs before. RPAs are the major mover within the list as they would be center stage by the last quarter of 2022. The reason is that they can be deployed easily and boost otherwise legacy processes immediately (with a very small learning curve).

RPAs don’t just boost shop floor efficiency but also vendor relations and supply effectiveness. Invoicing, forms processing, audit, and customer relations can go from 30% to 90% of their effectiveness within a month. It just makes everything simple, compliant, fast, and optimized.

Another impact of RPAs is their impact on resource utilization. Personnel no longer must go through long hours of repeatable and time-heavy tasks. They can move the Industry 5.0-led way of tech applications. All the human intelligence can be put to use on furthering the business objectives rather than simply digging through data.

EX to CX – End-to-end experience optimization with processes

Employee experience (EX), we know, is quintessential to business growth as it directs throughput quality, customer satisfaction, and product innovation. The right tech, applications, and user interfaces can sharpen the skills of the employees and channel their efforts towards the desired results.

You must have heard the term ‘Design Thinking’ in conferences, board rooms, and Zoom meetings. The essence of design thinking is to preempt the user journey through the product or process to create the most-apt workflow which goes from intent-to-result within minimal and optimized clicks.

Superior EX within asset maintenance means that the technicians and engineers can simply scan the code of the asset and all details from the master database would be pre-filled within their task workflow. They would have all the suggestions, directions, and notes for effective task handling and calibrations. Even the validation and approvals are real-time with full enterprise mobility.

The other end of it is customer experience (CX). Great EX inadvertently results in great CX. Every aspect of the process and assets work in seamless tandem, amplified by EX, to offer the best value and experience for the customer. And we know what CX leads to – customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is directly connected to overall customer lifetime value and advocacy.

All in all, investing in tech for proper EX results in long-lasting profitability for the brand and the enterprise.

These are the top 5 trends that would dominate the talk of 2022. Now you know and can chat about them on your next trip to the virtual water cooler. Keep in touch to know more about how these trends can benefit you.

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