Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) has become the linchpin for the Internet of Things and overall automation in warehouse management. RFID tech can help automate operations not just within the four walls of the warehouse, but also outside the walls.

  • Aptly placed RFID sensors can track total vehicles entering or leaving the yard and help streamline the loading schedule. This would help drastically cut down yard waiting time.
  • Through the last mile of delivery, especially at the final stage, the handheld RFID scanners help establish Electronic Proof of Deliveries (EPOD). The personnel can simply scan the barcode of the units. They would then click a picture of the delivered packages for further validation.
  • At the time of delivery, handheld RFID scanners also help streamline the loading process. The handlers scan the items as they load them. Such meticulous tech-backed tracking helps account for all items at each stage of the process. Hence, it’s easy to pinpoint discrepancies early and fix them accordingly.

These are but a few talking points aside from a vast array of benefits of RFID and barcode enablement in Warehouse Management.

Before we jump ahead to the Top 5 reasons or pitch-ready ideas for RFID tech in warehousing, let’s check out for a minute what we bring to the table.

Crave InfoTech has complete end-to-end Intelligent Warehouse Management solutions for the enterprise. We have the experience of decades of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enablement in warehousing, logistics, and across the supply chain.

Backed by SAP’s intelligent platform and warehouse management software, and powered by easy-to-use-and-adopt applications (intuitive user interfaces), Crave brings the full wagon of digitization and automation benefits to your warehouse.

Ok, now we would be covering more of this as we go through the top 5 reasons for RFID tech.

30%+ Boost in Warehouse Efficiency with IoT and Machine Learning

Increase the floor efficiency with heightened visibility and tracking of each item across a large warehouse. Total automation, backed by intelligent workflows that help in finding the right item in quick time. Easy and fast scanning helps streamline all order processing and enables quick dispatch.

RFID and Barcode scanning with robust devices

Know each item’s location instantly, get to it fast, and scan it easily with the handheld RFID / barcode scanner. These robust, yet, smart devices ensure that your pickers and loaders can work consistently and sustainably, with 100% visibility at all times.

This means that you can reduce lead times considerably, and maintain efficiency perennially.

Finger scanners, smart glasses, and handheld devices

Crave InfoTech leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to impart the power of new-age devices like simple finger scanners, smart glasses, and varied mobile computing devices. Just point and scan even from a distance. All data is captured with ‘zero-error’ directly at the source for total automation.

Instant discrepancy alerts and easy accountability setting with RFID

In the world of frequent returns and credit requests (claims), the extended warehousing management (along with the supply chain) system requires a smart discrepancy alert mechanism. Crave’s solution enables RFID scanning at each stage of order processing. From the point the item is picked up, through the staging and loading, all the way to the final delivery. Credit or return requests can, hence, be easily validated by going back to the scanned history.

Total machine learning and an intelligent warehouse

Orders get automatically updated in the system and auto-assigned. The picker identifies the location of the item and brings it to the staging/loading bay. Everything is streamlined. The loading can be further improved with the power of smart glasses and inherent augmented reality (for capacity optimization).

Don’t get left behind as the world rushes to adopt intelligent warehousing

A recent survey suggested that warehousing professionals believe that enterprise-wide mobility would be adopted by 97% of the players by 2023. Increasing network credibility and bandwidth (4G/5G) is seen as the primary reason for this increase. This is the right time to bring in the benefits of an intelligent SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) for your warehouse.

If this interests you, please reach out to us to know more. Further, you can read through our past blog to get a deeper perspective on the topic.

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