Here’s a list of the top 5 checkpoints to achieve as you journey on to become an intelligent enterprise with SAP’s industry benchmarking Business Technology Platform (BTP).

The core needs across global industries are efficiency, consistency, and scalability for quality experiences and solutions for employees or customers. The bedrock of all this is keen adaptability, responsiveness, availability, and predictability. How do we get to these end goals by successfully navigating the en-route processes and tech?

Yes, through SAP BTP – through Crave InfoTech’s ‘deep-expertise’ enablement. SAP BTP is the most intelligent platform in the tech world right now with end-to-end solution capabilities – from full data sanity to final Fiori-based UX enhancement.

And to this, Crave InfoTech adds-on fast deployment, precise use-case-driven extensibilities, and totally intuitive app and workflow designs. There’s a lot more to talk about when we cover the benefits of SAP BTP with Crave’s enablement. We have spoken on it earlier, you can read it here and have a free filler.

Let’s get to the promise of the title and jump to the 5 checkpoints you will find on this route.

Top checkpoints to become an intelligent enterprise with SAP BTP

The Internet of Things (IoT) for perfect data acquisition and mobility

You have heard the phrase ‘Garbage In – Garbage Out’. It essentially means that if you put in erroneous or incomplete data into the system, the result would be inherently compromised or even faulty. So, how do you ensure that all your inspection, calibration, maintenance information is accurately captured into the system with zero errors?

With the power of the Internet of Things! Crave InfoTech’s all-round solutions include IoT-enablement. Your floor technicians or warehouse pickers would simply scan the code of the asset or item. All data connected to the entity would be pulled in directly from the master data – right onto the handheld computing devices of the person.

From here, the person can easily record all transactional information in real-time, with zero errors. They follow a streamlined workflow to ensure that no critical steps are left unfulfilled. This ‘Mobility’ extends further to live task validations (time-stamped and even electronic proof of deliveries, EPOD) and approvals.

The underlying business technology platform helps make all these live processes faster, more accurate, and totally responsive with full end-to-end visibility – even when associating with collaborative databases including vendors, suppliers, distributors, etc.

Data Management with SAP BTP - No replication or erroneous data

Data is the fuel for analysis, insights, and innovation. So, it’s obvious that this data must be managed in the best possible manner. SAP BTP has industry-leading database management systems in place. On top of them, BTP’s intrinsic fundamentals and processes are designed to eliminate all data redundancy.

Through containerization and data federation the platform ensures that all processes run cleanly and concurrently – with perfect load management and zero latency.

Crave InfoTech’s IoT-enablement, as mentioned above, ensures accurate data acquisition at all times. Further, Crave’s BTP implementation further helps align the power of the platform with the actual ground-level processes of the plant or factory.

What’s more? Crave’s lengthy experience with SAP solutions helps streamline the BTP deployment. The enterprise can have fault-less migration and full platform deployment within 2 months.

Integration and extensions – SAP BTP’s far-reaching possibilities

In this new age, top integrations and extensions help enterprises fully focus on scaling their core competencies. The periphery processes can be enhanced and perfected using proper integrations and extensions over the platform or products.

Crave InfoTech has a long legacy and deep industry expertise in developing the best products as extensions over SAP. Now, you can have the best solutions, the most intelligent platform, and the best database management – all perfectly configured to your exact use-case and need.

Crave’s products are ready to be deployed right out of the box with a flat and short learning curve. All related integrations and extensions seamlessly function along each other in a fully harmonized manner with zero lag or data duplication.

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) – Fast, accurate, and concurrent processes

Businesses are always looking to streamline repetitive and error-prone processes using automated processes. Crave InfoTech helps enable SAP’s iRPA and solve these issues in one smooth deployment.

Repetitive tasks incoming invoice management, claims handling, customer satisfaction, etc. are all high-volume interactions. However, they have a bottleneck due to the availability of resources. There’s a limit to how many invoices can be processed per day by individuals. Similarly, out of a plethora of claim or support tickets, only a handful can be managed in real-time by the representatives – resulting in long queuing.

Robotic process automation (RPA) helps cut down the time required for all such processes by more than 95%. Further, the representatives can be freed to handle only the critical claims, invoices, or support items with proper care and resolutions. RPA is error-free and fast, while directly feeding transactional data into the system for fast validation, approvals, and audits.

UX and UI – Single Sign-on and Planning Workbench

Experiences, it’s the tip of the iceberg desired by all users and developers alike. Crave InfoTech’s products leverage SAP Fiori industry-benchmarking designs and languages. Its user experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI) help to effortlessly direct users through critical workflows within a few intuitive clicks.

The floor technicians or supervisors can use their own business language to handle all processes. Crave InfoTech’s products connect the bridges between the business language and platform terminologies to ensure smooth execution and total responsiveness. Just go through the work on the shop floor without ever worrying about ‘learning’ to use the system. The system learns your language for you.

Furthermore, all user classes are perfectly and systematically set within the system so that all access levels have seamless UI and UX for their processes. And all users have their Single Sign-on and all-in-one Planning Workbench where they can check out all live activities and real-time analytics.

It’s all there – one place and one sign-in for all required tasks, processes, workflows, and analytics.

Scalability, adaptability, and predictability – Crave InfoTech’s SAP BTP enablement opens the door to all this and much more. As you saw in these 5 checkpoints, you can imbibe such efficiencies and possibilities within your enterprise as well. Just need to reach out and grab the opportunity.

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