Intelligent asset management (IAM), fully integrated and extended across a robust yet dynamic smart platform, can provide top benefits and efficiency for enterprises across industries. Here, we would look at the 5 top benefits of Intelligent Asset Management.

IAM Benefit 1: Dynamic tracking of all assets in a predictive manner

Many production facilities simply ‘react’ to the happenings and anomalies of their assets. This leads to maintenance delay and eventual downtime. Predictive maintenance ensures that the engineers know exactly when a machine would need maintenance and prepare the resources and timelines accordingly for swift maneuvering.

Crave InfoTech helps make this possible via Intelligent Asset Management. Using sensor or scheduled scanning/tracking of assets (and throughput + quality), the engineers can preempt breakdowns and fix the anomalies in time.

IAM Benefit 2: Full enterprise mobility with handheld devices and printers

All floor personnel have handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, scanners, portable printers, etc. These are in sync with the facility network (private, hybrid, or public). These devices can also function equally well when offline – they would sync with the system when they connect to the network.

This means that all elements, activities, and processes on the floor and in the factory are tracked in real time. Supervisors and managers have real-time visibility of all jobs and their stages. These managers can even assign jobs and validate the technical completions on the go.

IAM Benefit 3: Automated Workflows with Best UI/UX for faster adoption

As mentioned above, managers can assign jobs on the go. Crave InfoTech has designed smart and intuitive Workflows perfectly to the ground reality of specific industries. Right from the assignment, through to completion, and final validation – everything follows a smart Workflow that’s connected to the central master database.

The floor technician or engineer would receive the assigned job on their handheld device. They would check Crave InfoTech’s cMaintenance app and simply click on the available job/task. They would come to a detailed but simple Workflow with auto-filled details.

For example, if they have to inspect a boiler – the details of the boiler with the functional location (FLOC) of the asset would auto-fill in the Workflow. This saves a lot of time and eliminates the possibility of manual errors. When they reach the boiler, they can simply scan the asset to validate the info. They can also select from an auto-filled dropdown of possible relevant parts (with their FLOC).

They would then follow simple steps within the Workflow to complete the inspection with the option to upload images/docs/checklists to the Workflow. Once completed (with relevant comments), the job would be updated on the managers’ dashboard for approval.

This entire process is automated and simple to ensure full efficiency, high adoption, and max compliance.

IAM Benefit 4: Full integrability and extensibility for industry-ready solutions

Crave InfoTech is an SAP partner with deep expertise in Intelligent Asset Management, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), and overall enterprise solution enablement. Such full-scale expertise ensures that the IAM integration is faultless with smart direct (and side-by-side) extensions.

The entire process is agile and streamlined with a parallel focus to keep the core clean and fast. The maintenance Workflows and databases seamlessly link-and-collaborate with related financial, warehouse, and sales systems within the enterprise.

There aren’t any data silos, as the information exchange is real-time and secure. The automation (direct scanning of data at source) ensures the info is accurate with near-zero errors. All systems have a similar and dynamically updating database – functioning as a single source of truth.

IAM Benefit 5: Right insights at the right time with the right person in the right manner

It’s important to derive key insights from the processes and operations. There are hundreds of things happening on the shop floor, potentially generating multiple mega/gigabytes of data every second. This data can be captured and processed for easy consumption and insight-derivation.

Crave InfoTech’s dashboard and planning workbench provide all this data (captured in real-time) in a structured manner along the lines of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as set by the enterprise.

The managers and supervisors have all the information about current and pending jobs/work orders, planned maintenance percentage (PMP), mean-time-between failure (MTBF), spare parts inventory metrics, uptime, etc.

These details are presented in an easily decipherable and actionable manner to the right person at the right time. This means that timely (and predictive) maintenance activities can be planned, necessary efficiencies can be infused into the system, potential bottlenecks can be avoided, and resources can be optimized.

This is not an exclusive list by any measure. Intelligent Asset Management can perhaps solve your exact problem and provide you with the benefit that you need right at the minute. It’s just about reaching out to us, and we will show you how this can work for you.

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