Staff augmentation is the next big thing in the tech world. It’s a bit ironic to see tech come full—circle with the uptick in the need for quality staff augmentation. But it’s a good circle. Even though Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak didn’t really build Apple out of their garage, they were still the right ‘people’ to do it. You need the right people with the right skill-set applied to the right project at the right time to achieve the ideal result. That’s where staff augmentation comes in.

Technology companies are at war to acquire the best talent for their projects. With the inklings of a global recession, supply chain woes, rising inflation, etc. – the cost of living and employment has gone up.

Analysts at Kotak Intuitional Equities said:

“US tech unemployment rates hit record low of 1.3% in the month of March and continued to trend below 2% in April indicating a severe resource crunch. This coupled with high attrition and inflation could lead to higher wage costs and subcontractor dependence for IT services companies”.

So, in this resource crunch, staff augmentation is the way to go for most companies, including yours.

After starting on this overwhelming macroeconomic need, let’s get back down to the top 3 benefits of staff augmentation.

Project deadlines: Staff augmentation enables quality on-time sprints

We know that the software and tech industry can be cut-throat in terms of innovation speed and disruption. You can ask developers and coders about their work sprints. The deadlines are always challenging. If it can be done in 10 days, it would be expected to be done in 7 days.

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These deadlines often put pressure on a short-handed team dev team leading to overlooked bugs. These bugs go through the loop of testing and get turned back for fixes. There’s always something that ‘breaks’ and doesn’t work as it’s supposed to.

And in the end – the project manager is pushed to give reasons for the delay to the IT head. Why go through this unpleasantness, when it can be easily avoided with quality staff augmentation.

It’s in the word, ‘staff augmentation’. It augments your workforce to keep your projects on track with clearly structured work divisions and focus areas. This results in quality work in the first cut that doesn’t just keep pace with the schedule, but also opens the possibility of enhancements and innovation.

Employee satisfaction: Staff augmentation helps reduce attrition

As mentioned in the intro, there’s a global resource crunch accentuated by the hybrid work-life of the new age, along with the global economic slowdown. Gas prices are hitting the roof and people, as consumers are getting impatient and wary. Tech companies are constantly aligning their work culture and projects to reflect the new reality.

The hiring process is tedious for quality tech professionals. In itself, it’s a long and complicated process. However, if key personnel leaves mid-project (there’s always a project in process), then the added work falls on the colleagues. Further, the project sometimes hangs in limbo until there’s an able replacement.

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This has a clear business impact in terms of dollar value. The hiring process, the delays, and the danger of overworking retained talent are huge challenges.

Yes, you guessed it. Staff augmentation is the solution.

Crave InfoTech is a respected and experienced SAP partner for over a decade. We are engineers and tech specialists who with industry-benchmarking products in asset management, supply chain, human resource and financial business processes, intelligent enterprise solutions, etc.

The bottom line is that the talent we offer through staff augmentation are experts and ready to hit the ground running. They have experience in working on critical and rewarding projects with different global clients.

How do you know a talent offered by an HR agency is good? Where’s the validation? And if you go for outsourcing (managed services), where’s the control (especially for core projects)?

Crave InfoTech’s validation for its talent can be considered a gold standard as we know the business in-and-out. We are in it. And as they are experienced, they can take over and get your projects out of limbo.

This helps reduce the burden on your employees and improve their work-life balance. This boosts employee satisfaction and helps bring down attrition. This in turn helps retain core talent for incremental benefits in the long run.

Cost efficiency: Staff augmentation as a sustainable choice

This point has been brushed upon in the above points. Let’s consider two types of costs: real and opportunity cost. The real costs include the workhours spent due to the delays of an under-staffed team. The quality of work could be compromised, due to the underlying chaos and to-and-fro fixes. The final product would look like a composite of multiple iterations rather than a cohesive solution.

This sub-standard product wouldn’t perform as expected and widen the gap between consumer expectations and the actual product. This gap has a real and an opportunity cost. You bear the cost of lost opportunity – the potential monetary benefit you might have gained if you just had the right team at the right time.

You also miss the mark on the expected profits. This gap, further, gives a chance for your competition to creep in and capitalize upon.

Oh! Retrospect and hindsight are always 20/20. If only you could go in back in time and fix the team in time. Well, you can. As the future hasn’t still realized, you can take the cost-efficient option of staff augmentation and cut down the ‘now’ avoidable losses.

There’s also the factor of the recurring hiring costs. Staff augmentation gives you an on-hand roster to pick the right talent from an amazing pool. You can get an evaluation of the talent, even before hiring them. This helps with the job fitment and helps streamline the transition.

Crave InfoTech has successfully placed scores of candidates within some of the largest companies in the world with a high satisfaction rating (net promoter score – NPS). We can do the same for your company – Just get in touch.

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