Make no mistake about it; SAP’s revolutionary Mobile Platform has completely transformed how companies do business. Given its ease of access and usability, the SMP effectively bridges the gap between an enterprise’s Information System and client tier mobile applications.

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By enabling the rapid deployment and development of apps, SMP allows ISSVs to provide mobile application management solutions to their clients. Here’s what makes the SAP Mobility Platform so incredible.

1. Unparalleled Mobility:

As its name suggests, the SAP Mobility Platform was designed to enhance mobility. The SMP allows mobile application developers with all the tools they need to customize their client’s applications on the go. Furthermore, the platform can be accessed via any platform including (but not limited to) smart phones, tablets, and laptops, etc. which adds to its usefulness.

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Gone are the days when application developers would have to edit blocks of code for trivial tasks as the SMP now makes the entire process instantaneous. This decreases an application’s downtime as even major changes can be made quickly and on the go.

2. Simple Admin Portal

Given the fact that more than 378,000 companies across 180 countries in the world rely on SAP, the tech giant had to ensure that the admin portal on its mobility platform was easily understandable. This is reflected in the fact that platform’s admin portal is incredibly simple and easy to operate.

That being said, despite the portal’s remarkable simplicity, it still manages to be incredibly powerful. The portal provides administrators with all the tools needed to ensure comprehensive troubleshooting and intelligent monitoring. This allows admins to perform critical functions ranging from simple data monitoring to something as complicated as editing the application’s configuration.

3. Security and Authentication:

SMP comes packed with all the security measures needed to ensure cyberspace security. By using built-in basic protection measures (e.g. PIN to activate mobile devices), SAP’s mobility platform provides extra security to all devices connected to the platform.

Given the fact that all SAP platforms are flexible and scalable, there’s always the chance of being exposed to dangerous elements in cyberspace when scaling up. However, external and internal threats can be nullified by using services like SAP Afaria that add an additional layer of security to mobile devices!

4. Offline Support:

What makes the mobility platform wholly unique is the offline capabilities that it provides to application developers. Developers can easily access and edit enterprise data even when not connected to the corporate network. The SMP allows provides additional SDK tools needed to configure an app remotely.

This increases the efficiency of your service and paints your business in a very favorable light as your app designers can use Offline OData support to remotely edit your client’s application, thereby minimizing its downtime!

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It’s because of these reasons (and many others) that we believe SAP’s Mobility Platform is a total game changer as it can enhance a company’s profile. However, to benefit from the platform, organizations need to make use of expert technocrats.

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