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The recent success of Amazon’s voice-activated speaker, Echo (commonly known as Alexa), proves that the rise of voice-activated devices is imminent. In fact, recent estimates indicate that there were more than one billion voice searches in January 2018!

With voice-control set to overtake manual input, we think it’s safe to say that nearly all facets of life will be completely transformed in the near future. This is great news especially for the tedious world of warehouse management as the complicated task of inventory control is about to get simpler and more efficient.

Here are a few benefits of voice picking in warehouse management.

Increased Speed of Processing:

By far the greatest advantage of using voice picking in warehouse management is that it significantly reduces the time it takes to process your order. Armed with voice picking equipment, your warehouse managers don’t have to manually search for the ordered product, index it, or sign the relevant paperwork. This increases the speed of processing of your warehouse and paints your business in a very favorable light.

Improved Accuracy:

Improved Accuracy | Crave InfotechOne of the most well-known perils of online shopping is that every now and then you’ll receive a different product than the one you paid for. Often when shopping for clothes and shoes, people receive the incorrect size which is known to tarnish the brand image of the company they bought the items from.

We believe that this ridiculously common mistake is a direct consequence of poor inventory control and faulty order processing. Fortunately, these issues can easily be resolved by voice-picking warehouse management apps as they boast an impressive accuracy of 99.99%!

Scalability Guaranteed:

The needs of an organization will expand as the company matures. Therefore, exceptions have to be made in the current warehouse management scheme to ensure that the system can accommodate the ever-growing demands of the company.

The best thing about voice-picking warehouse management systems is that they’re completely scalable. What’s particularly great about the flexibility offered by these systems is that it’s dynamic.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if the increased traffic on your platform lasts for a few hours (seasonal sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, etc.) or if it’s permanent (company mergers and expansions, etc.) voice picking warehouse management systems can cope with this influx without compromising the operational efficiency of your platform!

Enhanced warehouse management Productivity:

Enhanced Productivity | Crave Infotech

As discussed above, by choosing voice-picking warehouse management systems, you free your employees from mundane and repetitive tasks. Not only does this has a profound impact on employee morale but it is also known to drive productivity through the roof as your employees can focus on more pressing matters than inventory control!

It’s because of these reasons (and countless others) that we believe voice-picking warehouse management apps will transform the world of inventory control for the better. This is why at Crave InfoTech, we are proud to announce the launch of our voice-controlled warehouse management app that will boast robust SAP mobile EAM and SAP Mobile Inventory features!

For more information on how your business stands to benefit from our revolutionary application, get in touch with us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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