The biggest key to profitability is productivity. And increasing warehouse productivity has become the top priority for warehouse managers. There are a large number of factors that contribute to the productivity of warehouses. Packaging and moving of goods, stock maintenance, machinery, and labor-management are some of the operations that need to be effectively managed to increase the productivity of your warehouse. Let’s have an in-depth look at how you can maximize your warehouse productivity by making minor changes in your warehouse operations.

Predictive machine maintenance

An efficient warehouse largely depends on the efficiency of the machines employed. Warehouses utilize machines such as forklifts, reach trucks, and racking equipment. Machines are prone to breakdown, if not maintained properly. Enterprises usually adopt a reactive maintenance approach which proves to be inefficient. This approach usually relies on fixing the machine after it has developed issues. However, businesses should look forward to adopting predictive machine maintenance techniques.

This method uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sensors to collect and analyze data from various machines. It then uses advanced algorithms to determine equipment failure beforehand. Thus, the process of maintaining machines is streamlined significantly, helping save time and money. Your warehouse will never face a decline in productivity due to machine failure issues if you adopt predictive maintenance methods.

Streamlining operations

Most of the inefficiencies encountered at warehouses can be overcome by making simple changes to the operations at the warehouse. Even though predictive maintenance can prove beneficial in extending the period of the machine, businesses should ensure that they install new equipment periodically. New machines usually run faster and are less prone to breakdowns. Also, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The machinery that you might be using now might become outdated in a few years. It is advisable to have knowledge about the recent technologies to determine if an upgrade is required.

Warehouse managers should also review the inventory layout periodically to ensure that the products can be retrieved easily when required. The longer it takes to locate an item, the more productivity decreases.

Additionally, if required, businesses can increase the management presence at warehouses. This helps businesses identify workers that might be affecting the productivity of the warehouse. They can then take the necessary steps to ensure that the productivity of the warehouse is optimized.

Crave’s connected assets app, cTrack, can assist in tracking and monitoring deliveries end-to-end on a mobile device. The app leverages machine learning and GPS technology to provide remote monitoring of assets.

WMS integrated ERP systems

A warehouse management system integrated into an ERP system can play a crucial role in the efficient management and productivity of a warehouse. The WMS software can be utilized to track warehouse processes, determine efficient travel routes for items in the warehouse, and suggest efficient storage methods. This can help employees efficiently locate, move, and manage inventory in the warehouse, thus improving productivity.

Crave’s warehouse management system can take care of all your warehouse needs to ensure that your warehouse runs efficiently. Our app is fully integrated with ESS and SAP B1. It can manage warehouse activities, eliminate paperwork, and is compatible with Android and iOS too.

Gathering employee feedback

Your answers about the shortcomings and inefficiencies at the warehouse can be genuinely answered by the employees working at the warehouse. Business managers should actively look to garner feedback from their employees. This can be done on a routine basis, either monthly or quarterly at the maximum. A prolonged absence of gathering feedback can result in a pile-up of dissatisfaction and frustration amongst employees if their issues are not addressed at the earliest.

Thus, enterprises should look forward to having an open discussion with their warehouse employees on a regular basis. This can significantly help to increase productivity at the warehouse and keep a happy atmosphere at the workplace. Alternatively, enterprises can use tools that can give managers visibility into warehouse operations.

Crave’s warehouse management solutions have already proven beneficial for companies in increasing their warehouse productivity. To know how Crave can benefit your business, get in touch with us here.

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