Manufacturing plants and warehouses across the country are scrambling to keep pace with the pressures to fulfill more orders in less time with fewer long-term employees. These new realities are driving many operations to make plans to migrate from Windows to intuitive Android-based mobile devices.

The clock is ticking. Yet, many warehouses are still running run on legacy Microsoft operating systems, even though extended support has ended or will soon cease. In fact, a recent survey of logistics professionals found that 60% of respondents were still using the Windows® platform in most of their operations. These outdated mobile operating systems, which were developed long before the eCommerce revolution, cannot handle today’s fulfillment demands and security risks.

The smart choice is clear: Make the move up to a modern system like the all-intuitive Android operating system, the warehouse’s newest and best tool for optimization. Mobile devices powered by Android provide ease of use with continuous productivity to help you deliver previously unheard-of levels of accuracy and efficiency throughout your supply chain.

The Migration to Android Is Simpler Than You Think

Crave Infotech can help you make the move to Android OS and Zebra devices in the warehouse and manufacturing environment quickly and easily. Zebra’s rugged industrial tablets deliver visibility into inventory and processes and mobile technology to optimize workflows on the go — all with next-generation Android touch mobile computing. Your workers benefit from faster processing power, longer battery life, and advanced data capture.

Just as important, Zebra’s rugged industrial enterprise tablets’ design delivers superior flexibility, making them an excellent solution for a wide range of warehouse applications. Zebra also offers a range of docking solutions to enable mounting and securing tablets on forklifts and other vehicles, wherever you need them — inside the warehouse, out in the yard, on the loading dock, even in the freezer.

With easy docking and un-docking, workers can quickly remove tablets from the forklift to perform critical tasks on the warehouse or plant floor. That’s why many organizations are looking to switch out their forklift-mounted computers with tablets to improve mobility.

An Android Migration Success Story

Recently, Crave InfoTech helped a $4.56 billion multinational network infrastructure company with more than 20,0000 employees at 39 locations in 19 countries turn its migration to Android and deployment of new Zebra devices into a significant win for its business.

With a tight timeline of five months to achieve its planned migration to Android devices, Crave InfoTech worked with Zebra to develop a new Android-based mobile app, application flow, and user experience. Crave deployed an arsenal of Android devices to met the customer’s barcode scanning and mobile workflow needs, including enterprise-class ET50 Android rugged tablets. Because the Android OS provides instant familiarity, the company enabled rapid adoption of the devices with minimal training.

The result: a successful five-month global rollout of a migration from Windows to Android, as well as deployment of new Zebra devices and a warehouse management system (WMS) solution.

The Time Is Now.

Android, the world’s most popular, dominant mobile OS, is fast becoming the enterprise solution of choice. So, now is the time to upgrade your mobility solutions. Crave InfoTech can help you craft a solid plan to move forward with Zebra technology solutions and realize the speed and efficiency needed to meet the new challenges of today’s new normal in the warehouse and on the manufacturing plant floor. To get in touch with us Click here.

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