How do you leverage your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to improve asset lifecycle and shop floor efficiencies while simultaneously creating sustainable growth? Simple— just Crave it!

Crave InfoTech offers 50+ pre-packed industry-optimized products that ensure assets retain their value and have an extended life. Organizations can attain superior efficiency, greater output, and little-to-zero downtimes with our entirely compliant processes.

SAP BTP and Crave InfoTech’s Intelligent Asset Management

IAM is a blend of Digital Trifecta— the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics & Machine Learning. SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) combines the power of advanced analytics, RPA, database management, and intelligent platforms to offer unparalleled performance, security, and near-zero latency. Its dynamic design ensures agility and transparency, empowering businesses to derive maximum value from their assets. 

We leverage the BTP platform to provide top-tier Enterprise Asset Management tools— from planning and job tracking to inspections and maintenance—  Crave Intelligent Asset Management Suite (IAM) does it all and so much more. 

You might be thinking, why change if ain’t broken— right?  

Well, the State of Work Survey found that over 3,000 American employees spend 520 hours a year doing repetitive tasks that could easily have been automated. Regardless of your company’s size, every minute a service delay or an asset fails to function as planned or is unavailable results in a cost that could eventually become exponential. Not to mention the impact it has on your market value, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

SAP BTP and Crave InfoTechs Intelligent Asset Management | Crave Infotech

We put the “Intelligent” in Intelligent Asset Management. With SAP BTP, we tailor asset maintenance to align with resource inputs, parts availability, and field expertise. This means that with the right support, tools, and intelligence at your fingertips, your assets will always function as expected.

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cMaintenance – End-to-end EAM Automation Right Within Your Reach

cMaintenance – End-to-end EAM Automation Right Within Your Reach

With 100% automation in 50%+ lower time across diverse industries— Crave’s cMaintenance stands at the forefront of asset management solutions. Powered by BTP and SAP Fiori‘s intuitive design ethos, it offers customized pre-built capacities to deliver peak process efficiency, regardless of your system architecture.

Engineers deal with convoluted maintenance schedules on a daily basis. cMaintenance completely digitizes your maintenance schedule, allowing your floor engineers to swiftly access and execute jobs on the move. They provided clear insights into asset locations for rapid assessment and task execution. The maintenance orders can be accessed directly on mobile and tablet, even in offline mode, as soon as they’re generated. Technicians can view and self-assign tasks based on equipment availability. Integrating pre-approval through electronic signatures will further reduce errors and improve transparency. 

Ever had the wrong equipment serviced due to misidentification? Direct activity recordings through handheld scanners eliminate inaccuracies and streamline processes. The QR code and barcode scanning feature for equipment verification in cMaintenance ensures that maintenance activities are executed on the correct equipment. This completely rules out any issues of misidentification and loss of equipment. 


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On-the-spot documentation often required back-and-forths. Now, engineers can utilize offline label printing right from their location, saving crucial time. Moreover, the checklist capture feature ensures no steps are overlooked. With time-stamped, on-ground evidence, supervisors can authenticate and approve job completions from any location— with or without internet support. 

Additionally, cMaintenance also helps ensure total regulatory compliance for enterprises. It captures every detail with an implacable audit trail to make sure your manufacturing processes and related infrastructure are always up to the mark.

Streamline Warehouse Operations with cRFID

Streamline Warehouse Operations with cRFID

Crave’s cRFID is a prime addition to the evolving landscape of warehouse management. Like our cMaintenance offering, it’s been rigorously tested across diverse industries and is built to integrate effortlessly with SAP, ensuring immediate data uploads. 

cRFID mobile application can automate your critical warehouse operations, including scanning, cycle counting, Access control, IN/OUT, locating assets, etc. This RF-enabled mobile app within the Crave IAM suite integrates seamlessly with SAP to automate real-time data uploads for hand-held warehouse operator functions. It improves internal, external, and inbound operations and efficiently tracks and locates assets throughout their journey.

This means every action taken is instantly recorded in the system. The warehouse manager gains easy access to specific workflows even in offline mode, maintaining a clear overview while operators go about their daily operations with 100% precision. Direct integration with RFID helps in precise asset tracking, eliminating manual errors and reducing costs, resulting in a seamless and efficient warehouse environment.

cCalibration | Ensuring Precision for Top-Notch Outcomes

cCalibration | Ensuring Precision for Top-Notch Outcomes

Modern-day enterprises demand precise asset calibration for consistent quality checks. Crave InfoTech’s Calibration Mobility Solution within our IAM suite ensures this precision. It eliminates paperwork by completely automating your process to provide real-time information. Designed with a complete workflow and cloud integration, it makes sure that engineers and production personnel perform every function, from assignment to completion, with 100% accuracy.

Proper calibration helps extend the life of equipment and avoid unnecessary replacement costs. Additionally, in many industries, regulatory bodies demand measurement instrument calibration to comply with norms and rules. cCalibration ensures that measuring instruments work accurately, minimizing errors, rework, and product recalls. 

Technicians can swiftly access the solution on their handheld devices and receive clear details on tools, asset locations, and calibration requirements. Managers can receive real-time updates using the workflow within the cCalibration app and perfectly calibrate any asset or equipment from any location.

Don’t Get Left Behind, Future-proof your Asset Management with Crave InfoTech

Asset management is an intricate dance of balancing maintenance costs with the vital demand for system uptime. The solution to your productivity and asset efficiency problems is clear. The age of waiting for a system to break down before taking action is behind us. The future belongs to those who anticipate, act, and adapt. Now, the question is how to take the leap. 

Crave’s IAM solutions help you get on par with regulatory compliance, maximize asset utilization, and streamline decision-making. Contact us to elevate your operations.


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