Syclo has been one of the leading providers of mobile asset management and field service solutions. The company provides mobile solutions to sectors, such as oil and gas, manufacturing, life sciences, utilities, etc.

Although SAP and Syclo had partnered to provide mobile apps for SAP ERP and CRM systems, it was in 2012 that SAP officially acquired Syclo. Since then, enterprises have been enjoying innovative products from them.

How Crave InfoTech Offers Seamless SAP Syclo Implementation

Crave InfoTech is one of the leading independent software solutions vendors. Associated with SAP since 2007, the company has served the varying needs of clients in North America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

The team at Crave InfoTech offers a more efficient way for mobilizing SAP plant maintenance, field services, inventory and CRM systems.

Here are some of the Syclo implementation capabilities that we have:

1. Installation and Configuration of Syclo

Not only do we help install and configure the Syclo platform, we also provide Syclo ECC add-ons.

2. Google Map Integration

We also provide Google map integration. This allows businesses to keep track of locations for better asset, inventory and crew management.

3. Oracle and other Backend Integration

We offer Syclo implementation with Oracle and other backend platforms, including SOAP and REST protocol systems.

3. Integration with HANA Cloud Platform

Our company provides SAP HANA integration for enhanced analytics capabilities.

4. Agentry UI

This feature ensures that the app’s user interface is simple and friendly. We offer comprehensive UI screen creation and configuration.

5. Some Specialized SAP Syclo Services for Businesses

Here are some other specialized services we offer:

6. Work Manager

This mobile app can enhance workforce safety and enhance reliability of your processes. The comprehensive platform can also eliminate paperwork. Some features of Work Manager include linear asset management, customer service, crew management, meter management, etc.

7. Inventory Manager

As the name suggests, the mobile app provides tools and resources for effective inventory management. From taking accurate orders to tracking supplies, it helps enhance business operations.

8. Rounds Manager

With rounds manager, you can have more accurate meter reading and field measurements. What’s more, businesses can also analyze data quicker and make insightful decisions.

9. CRM Service Manager

With CRM service manager, the efficiencies of field managers can be improved considerably. The app helps them get real-time access to data and relevant information. What’s more, the app can get seamlessly integrated into CRM software, making last-minute changes possible.

With a team of tech enthusiasts, we at Crave InfoTech offer high-quality SAP mobile apps. Our SAP Syclo implementation services helps businesses thrive in their respective industries.

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