Crave InfoTech is set to showcase its novel solution for Domino’s Pizza at SAP Sapphire 2022. SAP Sapphire 2022 is the biggest enterprise solution event of the year. It’s a given when you consider that SAP helps generate 87% of the total global commerce amounting to $46 trillion. Sapphire 2022 sets up a smorgasbord of the best solutions that have made the year a winner to be shared and consumed by the veterans of the industry.

This is where Crave InfoTech comes in to put forth its credit tracker solution for Domino’s Pizza built over SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This solution showcase will stand for its simplicity and ingenuity that can only be created by engineers who understand clients’ needs and are masters at their SAP craft.

Let’s come back to (or perhaps look ahead towards) the veteran-studded Sapphire 2022 in Orlando.

Sapphire 2022 would be a hybrid event where a lot of the corporate dignitaries would be headed to the live event in Orlando. The others, around the world, would leverage the ease and access of the virtual event. You can catch Crave InfoTech at the live event or at the virtual event. Either way, there’s some incentive over-and-above the interactions and solutions.

Crave InfoTech program at Sapphire 2022 on 11th May

Sapphire-Crave Build an Adaptive Supply Chain Like Domino’s

#ShowStopper: 3:30 PM – 03:50 PM | Session Type: Customer Success Story (20 mins)

Topic: Build an Adaptive Supply Chain Like Domino’s


  • Harish Subramanian, IT Director, Enterprise Systems at Domino’s Pizza
  • Shrikant Nistane, CEO, Crave InfoTech

Multinational pizza company Domino’s Pizza Inc. proudly continues its legacy of delivering great-tasting food to customers’ doors and innovating the customer experience. Discover how Domino’s uses the SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain solution to help ensure the right ingredients are in the right store and to delight customers.

Sapphire-Crave Accelerate Innovation with SAP S4HANA Cloud Using No-Code Development

#Trailblazer: 2:00 PM – 02:20 PM | Session Type: Product Deep Dive (20 mins)

Topic: Accelerate Innovation with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Using No-Code Development


  • Shawn Brown, Global BTP Program Strategist, SAP
  • Harish Subramanian, IT Director, Enterprise Systems at Domino’s Pizza

Build applications fast, boost developer productivity, and scale innovation with low-code development. Explore a marketplace of curated content to quickly build and extend SAP applications. Empower everyone to innovate and understand how IT experts can benefit from ABAP development tools

Why would you want to attend Sapphire 2022?

Yes, it’s a bit of a roundabout way to get to the ‘why’ after giving the pitch right off the bat. The assumption is most of the people on the fence about attending Sapphire 2022 have already jumped over. Their jump is influenced by the self-evident and immense benefits that lie ahead. Hence, now we are giving context about the ‘why’ for the people still on the fence.

SAP, as mentioned earlier, is the top enterprise solutions company generating 87% of the total global commerce with 99 out of the 100 largest companies being SAP customers. The immense power that comes with such expanse and magnitude is enormous.

And as all the Spider-mans (*men) keep on hearing:


“With great power comes great responsibility”

It’s true. SAP stands in a unique position to inspire and infuse innovation across industries and lines of business. They have done it multiple times and have become increasingly adept at the same.

Sapphire 2022, more than a MET-gala-like enterprise solutions event, is an amalgamation of intelligence and insights gathered over the year. The veterans and innovators come together on a single platform to give back to the collective business community. It’s about sharing knowledge to build upon oneself and hence ‘accelerate’ tech in the coming years.

SAP’s vision of guiding your business to become ‘best-run’ is a highly imaginative and ambitious goal. Becoming best-run doesn’t rely solely on code or software – it’s a process, it’s the people, and it’s the culture. Everything has to come together in the perfect confluence to become ‘best-run’. Everyone doing what they do best.

That’s where Crave InfoTech comes in. Doing what we do best, we help the companies adapt the most-suited and well-engineered packaged product over a seamless SAP database and UI experience. This results in no-error and fast deployment with quick value realization and higher adoption rates (stickiness).

Also, the other aspect of ‘best-run’ is that it’s independent of current tech constraints. It is like a moving goalpost that keeps challenging SAP, its partners, and the enterprises to continuously raise the bar of innovation. Why?  To be best-run in any environment, any industry, any region, and any time period. It welcomes the future with open arms.

That’s Sapphire. And that’s why you must be there on 10th-12th May 2022!

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