SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) has revolutionized Intelligent Asset Management systems within an enterprise. The fast and dynamic platform SAP BTP has tremendously helped companies across industries scale and improve drastically. And when an intelligent asset management system leverages this versatile platform, the possibilities are endless.

You must be thinking, “It’s a bold claim— How can a vast and multilayered platform such as SAP BTP fit into my specific requirements?

The answer is simple: SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) can easily integrate with your existing process and streamline your oppression across all business verticals. With the intelligent SAP S/4HANA business suite and the user-friendly SAP Fiori interface,  businesses are achieving greater efficiency in various domains— such as planning, job assignment, job tracking, execution, asset lifecycle management,  inspections, field service management, asset calibration and maintenance, etc.

Demystifying Intelligent Asset Management and Its Impact on Your Business

Don't Just “Lift-&-Shift,” “Lift-&-Transfer”

In business, adding value to customer transactions is paramount. Let’s take plant & fleet management, for example; in plants, assets—machinery, boilers, coolers, facility settings, etc.— play a crucial role in transforming raw materials into valuable outputs. These assets must operate at peak performance to ensure optimal production levels while minimizing resource consumption and expenses.

Anomalies or faults can delay production, lower uptime, higher resource consumption, and dampen overall efficiency. Not to mention, the unprecedented bottlenecks as an aftermath can have a catastrophic domino effect on the entire supply chain.

That’s where Intelligent Asset Management comes into the picture.

IAM ensures your assets are kept up-to-date and organized according to your plans, resources and parts availability. SAP S/4HANA MRP checks materials every day and runs ten times faster. The databases can track production orders, timelines, and sales product availability. Armed with the support of the right engineer, tools, and knowledge, your manager can dynamically assign and track jobs. The result? No costly delays increased productivity and streamlined processes.

Achieving Flawless Results with Precise Asset Calibration

The asset must be perfectly calibrated for streamlined operational efficiency and optimum quality assurance. Handheld devices like cCalibration can provide efficient process automation.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management-Achieving Flawless Results with Precise Asset Calibration

The device can give your technicians the ideal workflow for their business and best practices. This workflow provides all tool information, asset and part functioning locations, calibration intelligence and expertise, etc.

That’s not all; they can even calibrate any asset or equipment perfectly via the workflow within the app. The managers would see the job updates live on their systems and can approve/disapprove the technical completions from anywhere at any time.

Optimized Work Scheduling with Efficient KPI Tracking

So, the SAP IAM suite can digitize, automate and streamline on-floor maintenance and calibration activities. But what about approvals? How do facility managers and engineers allocate and track these processes?

In the fast-paced business landscape, managers often struggle to juggle between inflexible work scheduling. Choosing the right person and ensuring they have the right tools takes time. The lack of transparency and proper visibility further adds to the delay in the work assignments and tracking.

Identify Integration Points; Club Frequent Tasks into Custom BTP Apps

Planning Workbench, built on SAP BTP, is the one-stop interface that can plan all asset management processes, including tracking asset health checks to find real-time faults, production rollouts (per machine), and more. It uses AI, ML, and IOTs to access inspection, maintenance, and repair work lists to predict equipment health and danger. As a result, you get a completely transparent, real-time and accurate asset visibility, enabling you to prioritize scheduled operations without worrying about any last-minute delays or crises.

Final Thought

With the game-changing capabilities of Intelligent Asset Manager, businesses all over are experiencing a seismic shift. From leveraging IoT integration for work order mobilization to fine-tuning GIS integrations to enhance offline capability, this application is rewriting the rules. By embracing its transformative power, organizations can unleash a new era of efficiency, productivity, and data-driven decision-making. 

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