As far as cloud computing goes, there’s no platform as commonly used or as powerful as the SAP Cloud Platform.

Launched as an open source platform, the SAP Cloud Platform has a come a long from its humble beginnings and now offers remarkable in-memory databases and business-oriented applications to its users.Picture1 blog1 | Crave Infotech

If you’re late to the party, here’s all you need to know about this incredible cloud solution.

What Does SAP Cloud Platform Do?

Simply put, the SAP Cloud Platform ushers in the era of agile and flexible business apps by replacing complicated integrations and business applications. The platform boasts a wide range of services that significantly simplify the application development process – making it easier for your company to incorporate mobility into its business model.

What Are Its Benefits?

There are countless advantages of using the SAP Cloud Platform, such as:

1. A Plethora of Powerful Features:

The best thing about SAP Cloud Platform is that it comes packed with useful features that make application development, management and deployment much simpler than ever before. Not only can users extend and personalize their on-premises applications, but also their remote and cloud applications.

2. Improve the Value of Your Current Applications:

Another reason why businesses have been flocking to the SAP Cloud Platform has to do with its accommodating feature. It’s a well-known fact that this platform can be used to add to the value of existing on-premise and cloud applications (developed on other platforms).

This allows organizations to streamline new solutions without running into compatibility issues or having to start from scratch – all of which significantly lower the cost of application ownership.

3. Increases the Productivity of Your Developers:

Another reason why the SAP Cloud Platform has surged in popularity in recent years and why IT professionals are such big advocates of the platform has to do with the fact that it doesn’t require them to learn new source codes. This is achieved by open programming standards that allow your developers to create new applications for your business.

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Your developers don’t have to devote time and resources to understand new code; they can easily create new SAP and non-SAP solutions, which increase their productivity.

4. Rapid Deployment Solutions:

Unlike other cloud platforms, the SAP Cloud Platform boasts unmatched speed as far as time-to-deployment is concerned. In particular, platforms like the SAP HANA Cloud let you create and develop new applications quickly, allowing you to capitalize on momentary windows of opportunity and helps you outperform your rivals.

5. High Return on Investment (ROI):

There’s no denying the importance of finances. Often businesses decisions are dictated by economics and companies tend to opt for services that boast a profitable Return On Investment (ROI).

As far as finances go, the SAP Cloud Platform is your best bet for increasing your cost savings. We say this because it requires no initial capital investment in new software or hardware. This minimizes the risk associated with mobile integration and also helps in reducing app deployment costs in the long run.

Acquaint yourself with the platform and rely on it for your enterprise application development and deployment needs. If you require assistance with the SAP Cloud Platform the Crave InfoTech team would love to help!

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We’ve been closely associated with SAP since 2009 and know of countless tricks that can help smoothen the transition. We also provide SAP Enterprise mobility, SAP Mobile Preventive Maintenance and Mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions that are as reliable as they are cost-effective!

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