With interests in cloud computing at an all-time high, is the SAP cloud platform the answer we’ve all been looking for?

Cloud computing is, by far, the biggest trend in the digital world today. The market grew to an all-time high of more than $130 billion in 2017 and looks set to expand in the future at a rate of 18.5%!

This clearly shows that organizations these days rely heavily on cloud computing for their administrative and backup needs. To meet market demand, SAP launched its critically acclaimed SAP Cloud Platform, which serves as the perfect digital sandbox to text cloud applications.

However, before we discuss the many advantages of using the SAP cloud platform, let’s analyze what the platform actually is, and how you stand to benefit from it!

What Is SAP Cloud Platform?

SAP Cloud Platform | Crave InfotechThe SAP Cloud Platform is by far the most popular Platform as a Service (PaaS) commercially available today. The SAP Cloud Platform equips Independent Software Solutions Vendors (ISSVs) with the core platform tools and the in-memory capabilities they need to design, personalize, and optimize their cloud applications.

What makes this platform unique is its comprehensive nature. The SAP Cloud Platform is an open and robust multi-cloud experience that allows developers to develop and deploy transformative applications for all industries ranging from healthcare to the oil and gas sector.

Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform:

Now that we know what the SAP Cloud Platform is, here’s how your organization stands to benefit from it.

Quicker Implementation Times:

By far, the biggest advantage of using the SAP Cloud Platform is that it significantly reduces implementation times. The platform achieves this by shortening the configuration process. Furthermore, as all the testing tools are already present on the platform, you can reduce testing times as well without compromising your client’s security!

Reduces Support Costs:

Compared to other SAP platforms, the SAP Cloud Platform is one of the most economical options on offer. The Annual subscription fee already covers the hosting of the platform, box level support, and all common jobs like performing backups and performance monitoring, etc. This significantly reduces costs and makes the platform perfect for small and medium sized companies.

Extension Applications:

SAP’s Cloud Platform also allows application developers to build features that aren’t part of the original project. This comes in handy for ISSVs that constantly have to deal with picky clients who have unique needs. All extensions are built on UI5, and can be integrated into application without compromising its security.

Optimizing the Platform:

optimizing the platform | Crave InfotechGiven the sheer number of variables involved, optimizing the SAP Cloud Platform to your business model is easier said than done. To ensure that your organization benefits from the SAP Cloud Platform, we highly recommend getting in touch with Crave InfoTech.

The company has been associated with SAP since 2007 and knows all the tools of the trade. Crave InfoTech specializes in SAP Cloud integration, effective use of SAP Cloud API’s and development of and deployment of applications of SAP Cloud platform, and can seamlessly  integrate the platform to your business module.

Get in touch with the company today to reap maximum benefits from the SAP Cloud Platform!

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