SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) helps amplify the abilities of an Intelligent Asset Management system within an enterprise. In itself, SAP BTP is a versatile, fast, and dynamic platform that helps a company scale and improve as they grow. When an intelligent asset management system leverages this platform, the possibilities expand boundless.

You might be thinking that the above words are too broad to fit into your scenario. How can a versatile and large platform like SAP BTP fit into your specific and unique use- case? That’s where Crave InfoTech comes into the picture.

Crave InfoTech (henceforth referred to simply as ‘Crave’) is a key SAP partner with extensive experience in cross-industry asset management solutions – such as planning, execution, job assignment, job tracking, asset lifecycle management, asset calibration and maintenance, field service management, inspections, etc.

Let’s dive into different Crave InfoTech products channeling the power of SAP BTP for asset management.

Intelligent Asset Management | What’s in it for you?

Crave puts the ‘intelligence’ in Intelligent Asset Management. A business creates value for an exchange with a potential consumer. This ‘value’ is created by transforming material or resources through the use of assets. Let’s keep the agenda here focused on plants and focused. Herein the assets are the machines, boilers, coolers, facility setups, etc.

These assets have to work at their optimal level to sustain high production while using lower resources and at minimal overhead. Anomalies or faults can mean lower uptime, higher resource consumption, longer production lead times, and overall inefficiency. It can also lead to bottlenecks or breakdowns that have a domino effect on the full supply chain.

Intelligent asset management, via Crave and SAP BTP, ensures that your assets are maintained and streamlined in accordance with your resource inputs, parts availability, field professional’s skill sets, etc. This means that assets are functioning as expected at all times, with the support of the right engineer, with the right app, the right tools, and the right on-hand knowledge/intelligence at the right time. The manager has full process visibility with the ability to dynamically assign and track jobs on-the-go.

cMaintenance | Asset management at your fingertips

Crave’s cMaintenance is an industry-leading and deployment-ready asset management product. It has had multiple successful use-cases across industries, languages, and geographies. It’s built with the power of SAP BTP, with the fluidity gained via SAP Fiori’s design language.

Essentially the shop floor engineer would be able to take jobs on the go. They have the tools, like the exact tools and skill requirements on hand, through the app. They know the physical and functional location of the assets for speedy assessment and execution.

All the activities are recorded directly into the system via handheld scanners, on location. This minimizes errors and process delays. The supervisor (as per the direction of approval – DoA) can verify and approve the technical completion (of the job) from anywhere (backed by time-stamped and documented proof from the shop floor).

This ensures that all maintenance activities have fluidity, concurrence, scalability, reliability, and manageability. It perfectly aligns with the parts and material supply chain to seamlessly feed the maintenance activities at all times.

cCalibration | Precise asset calibration for perfect results

Assets need to be calibrated perfectly to ensure quality throughput. Crave’s cCalibration app is an efficient and automated solution for the same, within our Intelligent Asset Management suite.

Shop floor technicians can access the cCalibration app from their handheld devices. It would give the perfect workflow that’s specific to their enterprise and primed with best practices. This workflow gives them all info for specific tools, the functional location of asset and parts, the required intelligence and knowledge for the calibration, etc.

They can calibrate any asset or equipment perfectly via the workflow within the cCalibration app. The managers would see the job updates, live, on their systems with the ability to approve or disapprove the technical completions from anywhere at any time.

Planning Workbench | Leveraging SAP BTP for end-to-end asset management

Up until now you read how the shop floor maintenance and calibration activities can be digitized, automated, and streamlined via cMaintenance and cCalibration. But how do the facility managers or engineers plan, assign, track, and approve these processes?

Crave’s Planning Workbench is the one-stop interface for managers to plan all asset management processes, including tracking asset health, production rollouts (per machine), and faults in real-time.

Powered by the fast and dynamic SAP BTP (leveraging the inherent machine learning and artificial intelligence of the platform), Crave ensures that all users in the plant have the best asset management apps and actionable insights on hand, constantly.

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