SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) is the best choice for enterprise supply chain management. The idea is that supply chain management is integral to every line of business (LOB). It can be asset management with the procurement of spare parts and materials. It can be facility management for sustaining on-premise activities with the right tools and required utility support.

In the following series of articles, though, we will be focusing on supply chain management – sectionalized within the more standard brackets of warehouse management, distribution and logistics, and last-mile fulfillment.

In the first of this series – we would be looking at the benefits of SAP BTP as a core and Crave InfoTech’s industry-ready extensibilities.

Why supply chain is a differentiator and a profit-enabler

Supply chain management, over the years, has been hailed as a profit center rather than a cost center. A well-managed supply chain allows the enterprise to enhance the end-consumer experience in a very direct manner. In a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) driven world, the difference in efficiencies (product fitment, quality, and scale) has reduced. The barriers to entry have gone down from the point where they were about 5-10 years ago. The ‘disruptors’ are pushing innovation in products, distribution, and consumer experiences.

All this has made the supply chain the ‘new’ USP-definer. An enterprise can derive distribution efficiencies and economies of scale from resources to create a unique set of experiences for the end-consumer. This can’t be easily emulated. Supply chain is becoming not just a profit-enabler but a differentiator and game-changer.

How SAP BTP pushes supply chain to become a differentiator and profit-center

SAP has played an important role in setting the foundation of all enterprise software solutions over the past decades. They have perfected their innovation-driven approach to ensure that your enterprise can become the best-run version of itself.

SAP BTP is the perfect platform that has the intelligence and versatility to mold itself across your business process and language to enhance the core functionalities in a consistent, compliant, and replicable manner. This gives better visibility across your resources, assets, stocks, lead times, performances, production, distribution, delivery timelines, etc.

You can plan your processes to perfection with the right resources and the right tools along the right timelines to optimize all functions in a conjoint and confluent manner.

How Crave InfoTech extends SAP BTP for best results

The versatility of SAP BTP is nestled in its extensibility and integrability. When people arrive at a premature conclusion that SAP is hard to enable as an enterprise solution, they miss the obvious extent of enablement possibilities that SAP has to offer. The key is to leverage the potential and depth of SAP via a strategic and enablement partner.

SAP has multiple avenues like RISE with SAP that helps align an enterprises’ growth and needs to SAP’s offerings in a more structured manner. Mid-market or large enterprises might choose to partner with superior industry and SAP BTP experience to enable and extend SAP to their needs.

This is the segue into Cave InfoTech. Crave has been doing this across industries around the world for more than a decade. Its SAP BTP expertise places it in the top tier of the enablers. Further, its industry knowledge across life sciences, manufacturing, oil and gas, chemicals, utilities, retail, food and beverages, distribution and logistics, warehousing, etc. is extensive.

This helps Crave build the perfect extensions that allow you to boost your processes in your business language, adhering to your compliance and competency goals, all the while ensuring speedy tech adoption and fast go-to-market.

We have gone in depth about this in other articles… you can read them here.

Let’s set-up the following parts of the SAP BTP series on supply chain management.

Intelligent Warehouse Management (IWM)

SAP BTP helps improve your warehouse management with the right dose of ‘intelligence’. This helps you plan, stage, and dispatch more efficiently as you optimize your capacities, processes, and resources.

Yard management | Extended IWM

As you scale, you need to improve your yard management with SAP BTP. A mismanaged yard leads to disgruntled drivers, dispatch bottlenecks, and escalating costs – on top of possible delayed delivery timelines.

Distribution and logistics | Track and trace

Whether it’s sourcing or distribution, you need to keep track of every shipment, each crate, and every unit as it moves through the supply chain all the way to the end-consumer. Here, SAP BTP is perfect for you.

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