It does not matter if your company is manufactures automotive parts , edible products, or soap. What is important is to remain in control of the daily processes. Every organization wants to have the ability to properly address all of the planned and unplanned work speedily, without compromising on efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, they also want to consistently improve upon it at the same time. They want their assets and their employees to improve as well.

The Challenges Posed by Traditional Systems and Business Workflows

Even though mobility is something which has entered the ecosystem of the enterprise business models all around the world, a lot of businesses and manufacturing facilities still tend to stick to the loathsome and painfully slow paperwork-based processes. In addition to being complex, they are wasting time and killing the potential of increased productivity for enterprise companies in this advancing age. Companies incur literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses, which are completely avoidable with the prospects of mobility solutions.

The competitive edge that companies can attain with mobility solutions has started getting recognition from companies. Those who have started implementing these solutions have seen several benefits for their organizations operational procedures, including the following:

Time Consuming Processes Eliminated

The right solution empowers employees and technical staff to be able to automate  complex paperwork processes for reporting status to every level of the product manufacturing process. The result: significant savings of time every year. It gives them the opportunity to deploy the inventory tracking solutions and reporting systems, which increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the whole manufacturing facility.

Accurate Real-Time Information

Traditionally, plant managers and supervisors were required to remain within close-proximity of all the plant’s processes and monitor work on the plant floor in order to have real time access to information and effectively communicate with the employees. Even with the personnel present there, they would find it a very hard task to monitor the efficiency and the progress of the employees. The right mobility solution not only eliminates the issue, but also provides the employees with actual real-time access to all the information. This improves the business processes while allowing the managers to be able to see what is going on across the facilities. As a result, they are able to better track the progress and efficiency, and be in constant communication to quickly resolve issues. That helps in faster decision making.

Retention of Customers and Increase in Revenue Generation through Services

Retaining the existing consumer base is one of the most important things for any manufacturing company and maintaining their customers’ satisfaction is one of their top priorities. If the operational procedures of your organization are not efficient and cannot stay up to the required standards, it can lead to the loss of existing customers. This, in turn, can ultimately be very harmful for a manufacturing company. If your field service management is more optimized and automated, it will allow you to keep your customers informed about the status of their orders and delivery dates in real time from their mobile devices. That will in turn help increase revenue, and all of it is possible with making use of SAP mobility solutions.

There are plenty of advantages that come with implementing mobility solutions. It is something especially helpful in simplifying the complexities of manufacturing procedures and eliminates most of the challenges faced by the manufacturing companies and give them a competitive edge over those who have not yet decided to go mobile.

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