Imagine being able to reduce 2 to 3 days of work into a mere 15 minutes through the use of Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA). Would you consider adopting IRPA-driven process optimization? If so, we would like you to know more about our recent project streamlining and automating Purchase Request (PR) to Purchase Orders (PO) using IRPA for a globally leading aluminum producer. Our client required a highly detailed and scalable sourcing/procurement department to manage their production of over 2 million tons of aluminum in 2022, with multiple suppliers for each category of material required in their commercial processes spread across various regions.

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The Problem with their current PR to PO processing?

The PR to PO process was previously manual, with hundreds of purchase requests generated across the plants that had to be processed within a specific time frame to ensure seamless production continuity. This process required utmost precision in moving from PR to PO and involved the consolidation of PRs from departments to be filed under specific RFPs (Request for Proposals) for streamlined processing. The entire process took about 2 to 3 days, involving considerable time and resource investment from managers.

Solution: Merging Client’s vision and Crave InfoTech’s IRPA expertise

To solve this issue, Crave InfoTech worked with the client to automate the import, processing, approvals, and publishing of data, moving PR onwards to a successful PO. All relevant data was pulled directly into the system in just a few clicks, reducing the time spent on RFPs by over 98% while maintaining 100% precision. Our expertise in IRPA and successful implementations across the globe made us the ideal partner for the client in streamlining and speeding up their PR-to-PO process.

The IRPA-driven RFP automation provided faultless integration across core systems, an intuitive UI for easy processing, automated and accurate data filing and processing, automated syncing of all required approvals, and a streamlined auction for PO awarding. The managers were able to easily track the status of any RFP stage, at any time. With the process fully automated, data was pulled from the system in real-time, ensuring centralized, correct, and timely information.

Impact: How did Crave InfoTech’s IRPA-driven RFP automation help the client?

The impact of our IRPA-driven RFP automation was significant, saving users around 98% of the time spent on RFP creation and publishing. The automation also eliminated human intervention from the mission-critical stages, resulting in 100% accuracy in the process. Managers were comparatively more satisfied and stress-free, with the time saved available for more productive activities.

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