What do you think of when you hear Industry 4.0? Internet of Things (IoT) enabled enterprise mobility and automated operations with in-scanned data input and seamless process transactions. It essentially means running a system with lower in-process lead times, higher precision, better adaptability and responsiveness, minimal errors and bottlenecks, and higher productivity at lower costs.

Crave InfoTech has partnered with Zebra Technologies to offer you all this and more. Crave brings you the best software and process efficiency with SAP and the best no-fail hardware enablement with Zebra Technologies.

It’s the best of both worlds topped off by Crave InfoTech’s

    • industry-benchmarking applications,
    • superior user interfaces,
    • faster deployment and market-value realizations,
    • lower total cost of ownership (TCO),
    • and complete support.

The clear takeaway is this: If you want to ‘up’ your process and operational efficiency, then Industry 4.0-enabled Crave + Zebra solutioning is the ideal choice for you.

Crave InfoTech + Zebra Technologies: What are the benefits?

Let’s keep this simple. Here are some of things you get with Crave + Zebra:

    • SAP-powered software with Business Technology Platform (BTP) capabilities
    • Complete error-free and intuitive process workflows and job assignment
    • Total enterprise mobility with Zebra’s tough yet easy-to-handle mobile devices
    • Mobile RFID scanners (including convenient finger-strapped scanners) for direct data input ensuring error-free operations
    • Direct data capture and input (in the devices) anywhere, anytime to minimize manual (error-prone) data entries
    • On-site label printing for secure and convenient process management
    • Multiple sensors to detect temperature fluctuations or compromised conditions for quick resolutions
    • All devices and vehicles (forklifts) connected to a central system for easy job and location tracking
    • In-plant/warehouse route planning with a best-route suggestion within the handheld device
    • Intelligent and preemptive anomaly detection through IoT-integrated sensors
    • Easy on-floor job assignment with end-to-end job tracking (from assignment to technical completion)
    • Direct access to all job-related Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) within the handheld devices
    • End-to-end process and operational visibility, traceability, agility, replicability, and consistency
    • Total enablement of data-backed forecasting and predictive manageability

Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0: Industries are evolving. How future-proof are you?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered Industry 5.0 is rapidly rushing towards us. The top names in life science, retail, e-commerce, and manufacturing have already implemented Industry 5.0. It won’t be long when that becomes the norm. So, where do you stand on this scale? Have you future-proofed your enterprise?

Industry 4.0 vs Industry 5.0

Customer or client expectations have evolved along with industrial evolutions. As enterprises around the world adopt advanced tech, they are consequently rushing to meet advanced expectations.

What are the Consumer Expectations (CXp) 4.0 that go with Industry 4.0?

Consumers, client or regulatory expectations from enterprises within the Industry 4.0 age are clear and concise. Some of their realized needs are:

    • Fast lead time, whether it in delivery or production
    • Faster market-value realizations
    • Faster reaction (and turnaround) time to consumer/market inputs
    • Fast ground support for product/service maintenance (seen primarily in utilities, downstream gas distribution, etc.)
    • Complete process visibility, traceability, and accountability
    • Minimal-to-zero downtime and bottlenecks
    • Zero documentation and audit errors

Consumer expectations (CXp) 5.0, relating to Industry 5.0 requirements

If you want your enterprise to get ahead of the upcoming CXp 5.0 curve, you must scale your tech infrastructure leveraging Crave InfoTech’s solutions that include the cutting-edge products of Zebra and the market-ready intelligence of SAP (On-Premise, Hybrid, or BTP).

This will help you be better prepared for CXp 5.0. Here are some of these already realized expectations:

    • More personalized product/service features (connecting back to clean data capture, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence)
    • Real-time delivery, service, support tracking
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Human Intelligence that help build lasting and progressive efficiencies within manufacturing, warehousing, and delivery
    • Innovation as an Expectation: Timely innovation that pushes industry standards forward to not just deliver on product value promise, but exceed it more often than not
    • Much more value expected at standard costs; the value is built incrementally through an agile and interconnected process network with constant intelligence feedback (which learns and improves over time)

If you feel a bit lost at this point, it’s alright. CXp 5.0 is uncharted territory. But, as they say, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained!’. Crave InfoTech is the ideal First Mate for your journey. It doesn’t just give you your heading, but also provides the wind beneath your sail. It helps you implement complete IoT with total automation to channel your enterprise into the Industry 4.0 age.

Further, the company keeps you at the precipice of Industry 5.0, allowing your enterprise to take the plunge at the most opportune moment. It’s time to structure your future and power your engines towards it. Just Crave it, and you’ll get it.

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