Tired of custom code holding you back? Do invoice scheduling issues or inaccurate workflows hinder your operational efficiency? But there is a way to break free? Join us on a journey where Crave InfoTech helped a client in the oil & gas sector transform their integration capabilities, utilizing SAP BTP to enhance overall business process management.

Navigating the vast SAP ecosystem requires adopting the right integration strategy. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Crave InfoTech helped the oil & gas powerhouse streamline its cloud integration, and implement a clean core methodology for continuous innovation and improved experience for all stakeholders.

Challenges in the Oil & Gas Sector

Imagine operating in the fast-paced world of the global oil and gas sector, where every decision counts. As a key player in the global oil and gas sector, our client operates internationally and collaborates with multiple suppliers. However, they faced significant challenges as most of them used OpenInvoice for registration and invoice generation. Their existing cloud integration within SAP ECC struggled to manage cost centers, purchase orders, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), invoice retrieval, and price books.

The company needed a more efficient system to manage supplier interactions and invoices. Prior to our intervention, custom coding in their SAP ECC integration caused maintenance and scalability issues. Plus the integration setup with SAP ECC and OpenInvoice could have been more conducive to advanced technologies. It was posing a major hindrance to their digital transformation and automation initiatives.

Download the Case Study to discover the Crave InfoTech utilized SAP BTP to enhance the Oil & Gas Company’s overall business process management.

Case Study | Crave InfoTech's Impactful SAP BTP Migration for a Leading Oil & Gas Company

Overall, these complexities impacted user experience, particularly for users involved in purchase order creation and management. The company needed an easily adaptable workflow with a better user experience to enhance processes. They also needed a cleaner core for their Cloud Integration solution and identified SAP BTP’s Cloud Integration as a promising solution.

A Transformational Partnership with Crave InfoTech

Feeling the urgency to streamline their operations, the company sought a partner who could understand their unique business challenges and provide innovative yet customized solutions. That’s when they turned to Crave InfoTech. Our team collaborated closely with the bigwig to transition their integration capabilities to SAP S4 HANA, utilizing the powerful features of SAP BTP.

Discover how Crave InfoTech helped the Oil and Gas titan transition their integration capabilities to utilize SAP BTP to boost growth.

Case Study | Crave InfoTech's Impactful SAP BTP Migration for a Leading Oil & Gas Company

Oil and Gas Giant Shifts to SAP BTP

Together, we developed user-friendly interfaces for streamlined workflows and seamlessly integrated OpenInvoice using SAP Integration Suite. This integration was more than just connecting two systems; it was about ensuring that data flowed seamlessly and securely, enhancing real-time visibility and decision-making capabilities. Our team also guided their team in exploring the multifunctional advantages of SAP BTP, including clean and faultless integrations, low-code Workflow and UI creations, and other native SAP solutions for more comprehensive business process management.

Download the Full Case Study for a Seamless SAP BTP Migration Roadmap

The success of this project highlights the importance of industry-specific tailored solutions in maximizing efficiency and productivity. With this migration, the company has successfully streamlined its processes, enhancing decision-making capabilities, and maximizing efficiency—all while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. This is the assurance of SAP BTP and Crave InfoTech’s expertise.

Whether you’re in the oil and gas industry or any other sector facing similar challenges, this case study vividly illustrates how having a ‘glove fit’ migration strategy can go a long way in streamlining processes, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction in the long run. Download the full case study now to unlock insights into unifying heterogeneous landscapes with SAP Integration Suite seamlessly, without causing any disruption.

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 Download the full case study now to discover how to unlock new business possibilities.

Case Study | Crave InfoTech's Impactful SAP BTP Migration for a Leading Oil & Gas Company

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