In 2024, the consensus is clear— cloud integration is necessary for successful enterprise IT strategies. With the rise of SaaS adoption, the promise of composite IT, and PaaS for innovation, “the cloud talk” has become a central point in CIO conversations.

As we all know, SAP excels in automating essential functions like finance, supply chain, and HR. But as technology evolves, how can we seamlessly incorporate SAP into our wider tech ecosystem? Many organizations struggle with decisions about their legacy systems when starting transformation journeys. Replacing or migrating these systems can be daunting (to put it mildly). The integration platform is no exception.

SAP Integration Suite offers a solution for connecting seamlessly with other applications and data sources. Modern business processes often require external tools beyond SAP’s capabilities, leading to complex integration needs. SAP integration goes beyond mere connectivity. Imagine a scenario where all systems, SAP or non-SAP, collaborate seamlessly to create a unified flow of data and insights. It transforms critical business functions like supply chain and customer management, enabling faster decision-making and efficient processes.

Navigating the vast SAP ecosystem requires adopting the right integration strategy. Let’s explore the intricacies and possibilities of migrating from PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite, ensuring a smooth transition and enhancing the experience for all stakeholders.

PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite Migration: The Challenges

PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite Migration: The Challenges

SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is a popular middleware that connects SAP systems with various SAP and non-SAP applications. However, SAP plans to phase out PO by 2027. Despite the extension of maintenance until 2030, many CIOs and IT managers brush the topic under the rug. 

It’s natural to be hesitant! 

Migrations are typically manual, time-consuming, and costly endeavors. One needs to be brave, highly motivated, and have the tools & expertise to embark on this journey. After managing numerous PI/PO migrations, we’ve assisted clients in overcoming several common challenges: 

  • Lack of Documentation: Legacy landscapes (PI or PO) may be in situ for many years. Producing the whole interface and landscape details, the individual interface data/specs (not to mention the additional complications) demands extensive time and effort.
  • Estimation Accuracy: Obtaining precise estimates for migration timelines and costs proves challenging, leading to uncertainty in planning.
  • Manual Migration Tasks: Migration activities are predominantly manual, resembling the process of building interfaces from scratch, adding to the workload.
  • Hidden Complexities: Complexities like value mapping tables, ABAP mappings, and ccBPM adds to the challenge.
  • Reconfiguration and Redevelopment: Multiple reconfigurations and redevelopment efforts are required, contributing significantly to the overall migration workload.
  • Testing Challenges: Testing the migrated interfaces poses a significant challenge, often requiring extensive time and resources to ensure functionality.
  • Setup of Multiple Tenants: In complex landscapes, setting up multiple tenants and ensuring seamless interface availability with relevant security policies is time-consuming.
  • Operational Optimization: Achieving smooth operations and optimizing operational expenditure post-migration presents additional challenges, requiring careful planning and execution.

Simplifying PI/PO Migration: Customized Integration Solutions

Simplifying PI/PO Migration: Customized Integration Solutions

After working empathetically with several integration customers over the years we’ve realized the clear need to help enterprises ease their journey to the cloud. That’s why, Crave InfoTech, your trusted SAP partner has now established a Deliver Center, offering an automated Move to Cloud Integration Solution Package to simplify your transition journey.

As an SAP-certified Integration Migration Factory partner, we aim to assist businesses in migrating from SAP PI/PO to the cloud-native SAP Integration Suite. Our objective is to facilitate a smooth transition to a single, cloud-based integration platform that supports innovation and seamless connections with customers and partners. 

How Crave InfoTech's Delivery Center Simplifies Your PI/PO Migration?

How Crave InfoTech's Delivery Center Simplifies Your PI/PO Migration?

Crave Infotech’s Delivery Center is dedicated to simplifying the migration process, enabling businesses to fast-track innovation and bolster connectivity.

At Crave InfoTech, we start the process by defining and estimating tasks, taking into consideration the teams involved. Our package includes a complimentary free assessment of your current tech environment, strategic planning for the migration roadmap, and estimation of required resources. We’ve our own methodology and advanced tools for automating migration. This effectively minimizes manual effort and enhances accuracy. It’s all about making the transition smooth and minimizing any risks along the way.

Crave InfoTech's Delivery Center for Your PI/PO MigrationIn addition, our package offers a suite of accelerators and tools for facilitating the migration of your PI/PO landscape to the SAP Integration Suite. These resources not only streamline the migration process but also equip you with advanced capabilities for harnessing the full potential of cloud integration.

Take a quick self-assessment to understand your PI/PO migration capability

What’s the Objective of Crave’s Integration Factory?

The goal of our Delivery Center and Integration Factory is to achieve the following:

  • Decrease the efforts involved in discovering legacy landscapes and estimating/planning migrations by 50%.
  • Substantially shorten migration project timelines, accelerating speed by 2-3 times.
  • Utilize automated migration to significantly reduce total migration costs by up to 75%.
  • Provide support for the customer’s preferred testing approach, including automated testing of interfaces.
  • Enhance operational capabilities beyond standard SAP features to enable better monitoring of the cloud integration landscape.

What’s Crave InfoTech’s Migration Pathway?

Crave InfoTech's Migration PathwayTo achieve the previously discussed objectives, we follow a carefully structured pathway. Alongside utilizing advanced tools and accelerators tailored for SAP integration customers, our workflow unfolds as follows:


  • Automatically analyze PO systems for migration to the cloud.
  • Receive a detailed report on your iflows.


  • Distinguish between Standard & Complex interfaces.
  • Plan either a Lift & Shift or Lift & Transform operation.


  • Automate the migration of standard interfaces.
  • Conduct manual migration for complex iFlows.

Having guided numerous customers on their cloud journey, we’ve meticulously crafted our pathway to deliver one of the most painless and seamless migration experiences for SAP customers.


With the constantly evolving SAP ecosystem, businesses can access various innovative tools that empower them to embrace a fully integrated heterogeneous tech landscape. What was once seen as a technical obstacle now serves as a strategic catapult propelling you toward becoming a Future-Ready Enterprise.

While migrating from PI/PO to the SAP Integration Suite may seem painful, but it doesn’t have to be chaotic. Partnering with a seasoned digital transformation expert like Crave InfoTech guarantees a smooth journey toward integration, freeing you to focus on business growth and innovation. 

If you feel your company can benefit from Crave InfoTech‘s Delivery Center, you’re absolutely right. If you think now is the time to embark on your cloud adventure, you’re spot on. Click here to kickstart your migration journey.

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