Traditionally, plant maintenance has been a tedious and time-consuming task. The process was usually carried out manually with the pen-and-paper approach. Technicians used to update the asset information on a sheet of paper and then send it to the higher authorities for review and approval. Then, the approved sheet was passed down to the technician, who then searched for the parts required for the maintenance and repair task. This method was time-consuming and thus, highly inefficient. However, with the introduction of ERP solutions like SAP, the details entered by the technicians could be uploaded into and compiled on a computer. This somewhat helped plant managers but still left a lot to be desired.

SAP Fiori was launched as the final step of streamlining the plant maintenance process by introducing mobility. Fiori allows for a cloud-based solution that can help monitor the plant remotely. Its easy-to-understand user interface means that every employee, no matter their position within the company hierarchy, can navigate and use these performance-enhancing apps. Some of the benefits of using Fiori-based SAP PM include:

Empowering the entire workforce

Every employee has a smartphone these days with internet capabilities. Even if they do not, it is much easier and economical for organizations to invest in a mobile device for streamlining their employees’ tasks. SAP’s Fiori apps can be easily installed on any smartphone device with internet capabilities.

SAP Fiori apps have a simple UI that can be easily understood by every employee. Managers, technicians, and even helpers can use Fiori apps with ease. Thus, the entire workforce can use Fiori apps and have a complete picture of the functioning of the organization. They can even be customized to suit the organization’s needs.

Crave’s Facility Maintenance, built on Fiori, can be customized in every aspect so that every employee can use the app with ease, ensuring that every employee leverages its benefits.

Reducing equipment downtime

SAP Fiori brings cloud capabilities that enable remote monitoring in real-time. Managers and operators can have improved visibility over the assets with SAP Fiori. They can see the status of jobs, such as the ones that need to be completed along with the details of the employee that has been assigned to complete the task in real-time. This helps shorten the time required in the maintenance process as the required actions can be taken quickly. For example, if a technician has reported the breakdown in a particular machine, the manager can see the information in real-time. They can thus arrange parts as soon as the status is updated.

SAP Fiori also eliminates the need for manual certification. Once the maintenance procedure is complete, the technician can update the same on an app. Managers will get notified about the same in real-time and can mark the job as completed or conduct a final inspection before updating the same on the app.

Eliminating paperwork and human error

The plant maintenance module involves heaps of paperwork. Tons of information need to be updated and analyzed to make optimal decisions when it comes to maintaining equipment. However, manual updating is usually complicated and prone to errors and inconsistencies. Employees may mistakenly update the information of one asset into the details for another. Correcting mistakes becomes a tedious task as the technician needs to inspect the asset again to confirm its condition. Mistakes can even go unnoticed at the reviewing stage by managers in some instances and can cause serious issues. The easy-to-use interface enables all employees to easily understand and use Fiori apps. This reduces the occurrence of errors, improving the overall plant efficiency.

Additionally, With SAP Fiori, the need for paperwork is eliminated completely. The plant maintenance app can be easily installed and used on a smartphone with internet connectivity. Thus, employees can use a single mobile device to record data, instead of carrying hundreds of papers. They can easily input data in the application, thanks to Fiori’s simple yet powerful interface. They can update records easily with timestamps and digital signatures, enabling transparency, efficiency, and accuracy.

Crave’s Facility Maintenance proves to be a dynamic solution for mobilizing your plant’s maintenance operations, making them highly efficient. You can also get a custom SAP solution for your SAP PM module by getting in touch with us.

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