Mobility, cloud computing, and social media training are some of the most important tools in your arsenal if you’re looking to transform your workplace. Although the overuse of these words has desensitized employees, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these concepts remain undeniable.

In recent years, CEOs and company think tanks have realized that workforce mobility has a profound impact on their employees. The latest research on the topic clearly shows how mobility can increase productivity by 23% and improve customer satisfaction by 100%. Here are a few other reasons why we believe workplace mobility is something akin to a modern necessity.

1. Freedom to Work from Anywhere:

The best thing about workplace mobility is that it allows people the freedom to work from anywhere. If numbers posted by Sage and IDG Research Services are to be believed then this alone results in a 10% increase in productivity.

Furthermore, as your employees don’t have to sit through hour-long commutes just to get to work, they’re in a better mood and can thus accomplish more from the comfort of their homes!

2. Prompt Action on Critical Matters:

We understand the importance of going through the proper designated channels. The systematic access to data that hierarchal systems are famous for is there to ensure that nothing slips through and issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

However, sometimes these formalities can also be a major hindrance. There are countless time-sensitive issues which require prompt and immediate action which simply isn’t possible in the outdated hierarchal organization.

On the other hand, companies that boast workplace mobility don’t suffer from these issues as they enable their employees to deal with issues as soon as they arrive. This pays dividends in the long run as having access to project essentials like quotes, orders, and information about project management cycles, etc. can be accessed from anywhere which empowers your workers to make well-informed in real-time.

3. Conclude More Deals:

The research conducted by Sage and IDG Research Services also concludes that workforce mobility also leads to higher sales numbers. The research cites mobile technology (a key element of workplace mobility) as the chief contributing factor to improved sales performances.

4. Improved Communication:

The most obvious advantage of mobilizing your workforce is that it improves communication between your employees. By providing them access to data from the comfort of their own homes, your employees can freely collaborate on complicated projects with each other. This creates a feeling of comradery and is known to positively impact workplace morale!

It’s because of these reasons (and countless others) that we at Crave InfoTech are such strong advocates of workforce mobility. To help our clients achieve their full potential, we provide them with countless mobility solutions ranging from strategy to SAP Syclo Implementation. We’re also known for our SAP HANA Mobility and SAP Mobile Inventory solutions that are as efficient as they’re effective.

For more information on how you stand to benefit from our services, get in touch with us today!

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