EAM, or enterprise asset management software, provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s physical assets and infrastructure throughout their entire lifecycle, from design, commissioning, or procurement, all the way to operation, disposal, and replacement.

Field operators frequently move from one part of the plant to the other, continuously monitoring equipment and machinery to ensure that the machines are working at optimum levels of performance. The larger the scale of the plant, the tougher it is for a field operator to monitor it efficiently. By leveraging enterprise asset management software, field operators can simplify and streamline their work procedures to maximize efficiency. Here’s how field operators can have a field day with an EAM

Maximize asset utilization

Employees and equipment are the assets that together form the backbone of organizations. Inefficient utilization of any of these assets can hamper the enterprise’s productivity. With an enterprise asset management app, field operators can have enhanced visibility over every asset in the organization. They can remotely monitor assets in real-time and take necessary actions if the assets are facing any shortcomings in carrying out the designated tasks.

When it comes to machines and other equipment, field operators can remotely monitor various equipment and their components, eliminating the need for physical inspection. The reactive maintenance procedures can be converted into planned, predictive maintenance operations by using an EAM tool. This ensures that the machines are less prone to breakdown, and even if they do, they can be repaired and be up and running in a short period of time. Crave’s Planning workbench and cTrack are examples of tools that can help you utilize an organization’s assets to their maximum capabilities.

Eliminate paperwork

Manual data entry takes a huge chunk of a field operator’s time. It is also a tedious process and susceptible to errors. This can hamper the field operator’s productivity and, ultimately, the productivity of the organization. With SAP asset management, data entry can be done easily on a hand-held mobile device. Field operators are no longer required to carry stacks of paper for data entry work. And with cloud support, the data can be accessed at any time, anywhere. The entries can be verified and signed digitally within the app by managers. Thus, the need for paper is eliminated completely. Crave’s cData Logging enables a 100% reduction of paper and manual data entry work.

Reduce human errors

Field operators might enter incorrect data if they lose focus due to fatigue or stress. Manual paperwork involves entering a huge amount of information and is usually chaotic in nature, which leads to errors in data entry. Such errors can result in financial losses if things go unnoticed or are noticed too late. With an EAM system, the data entry work gets simplified substantially. SAP Fiori’s solutions offer easy-to-use interfaces that are fully configurable and provide a user-friendly UI from the back-end. Thus, field operators can easily input the data in a step-by-step process, reducing the instances of errors.

Maximize return on investment

With an SAP EAM, the assets at the enterprise can be monitored continuously. This can help in their full utilization and ultimately increase their life cycles. Thus, the return on investment in assets will improve substantially. And the financial benefits will only increase with scale. The savings on individual assets get compounded; thus, the larger the organization, the more will be the return on investment. Crave’s asset management products guarantee maximum ROI for their solutions with upto 80% reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Enable mobility

One of the biggest benefits of using an EAM is mobility. Field operators can monitor equipment remotely with mobile EAM tools. This simplifies the monitoring task or field operators. They can remotely check on assets and incorporate a predictive maintenance approach instead of a reactive one. The field operator can alert the repair technicians of a possible breakdown and have the necessary parts arranged on time. Thus, the decision-making process is enhanced tremendously as the information is available at fingertips, irrespective of the location of the field operator. And with SAP Fiori’s easy-to-use interface and multilingual capabilities, enterprises don’t need a technologically sound employee to use the EAM solution.

Thus, a mobile enterprise asset management app proves to be the best companion for a field operator. To know how your organization can implement an EAM solution to improve your field operators’ productivity and efficiency Click here.

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