The limit to excellence is just the imagination and its plausible and pertinent execution. Crave InfoTech helps infuse and direct the imagination around SAP implementation. It further helps bring SAP to match your business logic with apposite side-by-side extensions. These extensions help you turn your imagined efficiency into a reality, in quick time with zero errors and fast user adoption.

SAP’s globally leading solution fits your business logic

Almost everyone you speak with will tell you that SAP is simply the best in the business. So, there’s not much to add on there, however, we have taken multiple swings at it before – you can read it here.

However, some feel that SAP’s system language is a bit too ‘comprehensive’ for them. The inherent concept is that enterprises can scale the right way with SAP. But until they get to the point of ‘Zen’ where they can easily manage SAP, they need a partner guide. Crave InfoTech helps guide your enterprise to adopt, adapt, and scale in the best way possible.

It’s simple. You just focus on your business logic – the processes and particulars that define your core competency. We would help shape SAP’s versatility around your business logic.

Say, if you’re sourcing fresh produce from farmers for your distribution. You would continue with your operations as you did before, now just with the added intelligence, automation, scalability, visibility, configurability, manageability, and security of SAP.

Last-mile extendibility with Side-by-Side extensions

First, what is last-mile extendibility? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions offer the whole world on a platter in terms of features and options. There’s just the final mile of fine-tuning the solution to match the exact ground-level use-case of the enterprise. It could be something exclusive to the plant and the way they operate. The last mile extensions fit the solution to the exact use-case to ensure 100% compatibility and a flat and small learning curve.

The term last mile comes from the logistics world where the carriers bring full container loads to a localized distribution center. The bulk is broken down and divided into smaller or individual parts, which are then taken to the doorstep of the customer via smaller cars and delivery personnel. That’s the ‘last mile’ of the distribution.

Similarly, in software distribution, Crave InfoTech ensures that the last mile for the solution, in terms of the apt extensions, is made in the right and timely manner. This last mile extensibility helps bring the solution with a properly configured user interface (UI) and an ideal user experience (UX) for max adoption.

It further integrates all connected processes across the tech landscape into a single system of truth.

APIs, webhooks, and more for seamless operations

All processes from vendors, departments, operations, etc. are connected via Application Programming Interface (APIs), webhooks, etc. to form a single system of truth. The user or manager would see all the analytics and availabilities in one place with live tasks, orders, and delivery status updates.

These custom analytics showcase the exact Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that capture the efficiency of your operations. This helps define the metrics as per your processes. It also helps direct the automation in the right direction.

The status updates and availabilities are auto-populated into a single screen for on-hand insights and quick decision-making. The supervisors have all the necessary intel at their fingertips. This helps bring in the flavor of dynamism, responsiveness, and agility within the enterprise.

It’s good to have an expert partner like Crave InfoTech to get the best out of SAP for your specific use cases. Here, side-by-side extensions are the name of the game.

UI-UX for custom fields, forms, tables, analytics, and interfaces

We spoke a bit about the benefits of custom analytics in the earlier section. An important part of side-by-side extensions is the ability to set custom fields, forms, and tables as per your requirements. This connects to the first concept we discussed – adhering to your business logic.

Crave InfoTech helps set custom fields and forms that trigger seamless adoption by all users. It’s the same terms they have used, which makes it easier to understand and process. The custom forms and tables support intuitive (and custom) workflows that make the operations easier, faster, accurate, secure, and compliant.

Such configurability, when aided by an expert like Crave InfoTech, helps shape the system in the best manner – to help you become the best run version of yourself.

Transactional data consistency with core data | Future-ready

Crave InfoTech ensures peak system performance, whether It’s on the cloud, hybrid, or on-premise. Effective extensions grant total data consistency so that, even at scale, the millions of transactional data points that you create are cleanly and accurately merged with the core data. The database is clean, always, with zero lag and fast processing.

When you work with SAP’s future-ready Business Technology Platform (BTP), you get the added benefit of superior security, processing power, and adaptability. The sheer extendibility of SAP BTP is tremendous. There’s so much to be done, and so much that can be achieved with the right digitization partner.

We can give you the efficiency you crave for yourself and your enterprise. Just get in touch we will help you achieve this and more.

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