Necessity is the mother of innovation! And the absolute necessity in recent times has been the evolution of vaccines, medicines, and medical kits. The life science industry rose to the occasion and delivered results in record time. However, we aren’t out of the woods yet. The necessity, now, is for sustained innovation and delivery. How would the life science and healthcare companies keep up this speed, agility, and drive of recent times?

The answer lies with a system that ensures:

  • perfect streamlining of all asset maintenance and operational activities,
  • induces a zero-error data capture and calibration process,
  • and provides on-hand insights with full process visibility and risk mitigation.

cMaintenance – The seamless and complete asset maintenance solution

Quality control is of paramount importance across industries. However, it has much higher significance within the life science industry. The consistency required within the throughput has to be of the six-sigma tolerance level. Deviations and inconsistencies result in wastage and slowdowns.

Proper and predictive asset maintenance can help ensure that the entire system is performing ‘as expected’ at all times. This means that anomalies are identified even before they can turn into issues or bottlenecks. The inherent intelligence in a platform, perfected by SAP in their Business Technology Platform, can further predict these occurrences in a time and process-bound manner.

Now, what does ‘this’ mean? It means that the engineers and supervisors would know when, how, and whom to assign the maintenance work, easily through Crave InfoTech’s cMaintenance. This job assignment would be timely. It would also be directed to the person with the apt skills, data, and tools to resolve the issue.

cCalibration – Perfect asset calibration for precise and error-free operations

If there’s an industry where perfection isn’t a desire, but a norm – it’s the life science industry. All calibrations of assets, parts and instruments should be precise. Crave InfoTech’s cCalibration makes this happen.

The technician or engineer could simply scan the asset or instrument with their handheld computing devices or RFID/Barcode scanners. All relevant information regarding the asset – starting with their functional location, master data info, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for that specific asset – would be auto-pulled into the device. This ensures zero-error data capture.

Further, cCalibration guides the technician through an intuitive workflow, with live-synced master data, to calibrate the asset/instrument in a very precise manner – using the apt tools. The technical completion of the same, with time-stamped data and images, would be available to the supervisors in real-time for instant approvals.

Compliance – Staying ahead with compliant asset and facility maintenance processes

Life science is, with good reason, a regulated industry. There are multiple regulations that an enterprise has to comply with, depending on the regulatory agency of the land. Failing such compliance can result in citations or even sanctions. These citations/sanctions can become a huge impediment in the research, production, and distribution of the products. This could potentially erode market capitalization and push back the roll-out timeliness (ballooning the RnD and production costs).

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There’s a solution, and – yes – it’s intelligent asset management (IAM). Backed by an intelligent platform like SAP BTP, Crave InfoTech’s IAM products like cMaintenance and cCalibration ensure that there are no errors in data capture, processing, storage, and applications.

These help ensure a completely visible, controlled, compliant, and secure asset management system. It covers all the checks and balances within the regulations – leading to a no-citation outcome. You can detect anomalies (if any) in real-time, fix them in time – and continue with the unhinged performance of perfectly calibrated instruments and assets.

It’s the complete solution you need – especially in the Life Science industry. We have the validation and belief backed by multiple successful deployments across pharma, healthcare, and life science companies. We have deep industry expertise that further adds to the efficacy of the solutions.

Well, it’s just words until you try it out. Reach out to us, and we can show how we can help you with the same.

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