Enterprises are moving towards the power of Intelligent Asset Management to create a sustainable, repeatable, manageable, and effective solution to not just improve the asset lifecycle but also boost shop floor efficiencies.

Real-time process visibility with enterprise visibility

One of the major concerns with facility supervisors and asset management teams, other than missed anomalies, is the lack of visibility of active processes on the shop floor. There are instances where the current status of the assigned job isn’t reflected in the system for some time.

This means that the entire flow of processes, validations, approvals, and new assignments are often delayed. This compromises the short-term and long-term effectiveness of the assets and also undermines the functionalities connected/dependent on the asset.

Crave InfoTech’s SAP-powered intelligent asset management solves this problem by bringing real-time visibility, and while it’s at it, the solution also boosts the overall control, responsiveness, and accountability within the jobs and processes.

Further, Crave also enables complete enterprise mobility for all shop floor technicians and workers. They can carry connected and live-synced handheld devices which give them access to all the necessary information and processes anywhere. The supervisors can also freely control the job assignment and know that the instructions are delivered real-time on the shop floor.

Error-free and fast processes with intuitive workflows

Every asset management job goes through stages of:

  • problem detection and assessment,
  • accessing the necessary database/equipment/spare parts to address the problem, fixing the problem based on the master data and directions,
  • validating the success or failure of this fix with proper documentation (for further processing), and sending the documentation for approvals from the supervisors.

The issue here is that the central information exchange format is paper-based and manual. This leads to:

  • delays in maintenance,
  • outdated data or spare-parts inventory list on access,
  • working with inept data and directions (how to fix that exact component) leading to a higher chance of failure,
  • possible errors in data capture and logged information, and
  • delay in approvals due to the time lag involving paper exchanges.

Intelligent Asset Management, here, helps eliminate all these issues and molds the processes using intuitive workflows to turn them into an automated, error-free, fast, and effective symphony.

The technicians carry Crave-enabled robust and easy-to-use handheld devices that help them be connected and synced with the system. These devices carry the smooth and user-friendly SAP Fiori interface.

Crave’s pre-packaged apps like cMaintenance guide the technician to the exact Functional Location of the problem with an intuitive workflow. This workflow further helps the technician with access to the exact and most recent data regarding the problem. All the person has to do is scan the code of the asset and/or component and the related data will be automatically pulled into their workflow.

Task validation with images or time-stamp for real-time approvals

It all moves like clockwork. The technician follows the workflow and perfect directions to address the problem. After this, the person simply validates the completion of the task from the device – either with the devices’ location and time stamps. They can even snap a pic of the completed task for further documentation.

The important part here is as all data is captured directly into the system without manual intervention, the error rate is near zero. All information is correct and timely, which helps with faster validations and instant approvals.

On-location label printing and execution

The technician can also print fresh labels right on the shop floor, on-location. The printing devices are compact, easy to carry and use. The on-demand label creation (which carries all relevant data) helps bring more efficacy and structure to all connected operations. Further, it cuts down the turnaround time for the entire job by a lot.

This intelligent asset management with intuitive workflows and connected devices boost total wrench time on the shop floor. It also makes the lives of the technicians and workers considerably simpler and better. This helps boost total shop floor efficiency while increasing total asset lifetime value.

Regulatory compliance with audit-ready data capture

As we spoke earlier, pre-intelligent asset management, missed records, erroneous data capture, delays, etc. may lead to regulatory violations. These can further lead to citations, which can really hamper the primary production or processes.

Crave InfoTech’s inherently error-free solution helps bridge this gap. The system is always up to date with the correct operational and maintenance information. It has all the exact updates of all the changes initiated or fixes implemented on the shop floor. With this secure, validated, and accountable data, the following auditory procedures are smooth. All in all, intelligent asset management helps enterprises comply with regulatory particulars.

Benefits of Crave InfoTech’s Intelligent Asset Management

We covered some of the top shop floor benefits of intelligent asset management. As we close on this, let’s put some numbers to sharpen the pointy end.

  • 60% to 80% faster deployment and value realization
  • 80% reduced total cost of ownership for solution deployment and implementation
  • 30%+ operational and asset efficiency boost
  • 99% shop floor error reduction
  • 300,000 to 500,000 sheets of paper saved/annum via digital transformation
  • 100% regulatory compliance

It’s an industry-tested, approved, and applauded solution which can be up and running in your enterprise in quick time. So… let’s get in touch.

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