Big Data and analytics have become buzzwords in the tech landscape. With heaps of data available, organizations and enterprises need to make use of it.

How a business uses Big Data and analytics software can be its defining moment. In fact, insights from Big Data can help businesses form crucial strategies and even define their KPIs.

A Bit about SAP HANA

SAP HANA is one of SAP’s in-memory database and application development platforms that helps process massive quantities of data in real time.

Employing amazing analytical processing capabilities, the incredible platform helps enterprises build intelligent applications that provide quicker and deeper insights.

Data Analysis through SAP HANA

SAP HANA provides an end-to-end solution for developing and deploying predictive analytics and machine learning mechanisms. The platform enables business owners to not only manage complex machine learning models, but also build them.

Some Data Analytics’ Capabilities of SAP HANA

Here are some of the data analytics’ capabilities that SAP HANA has on offer:

Spatial Data Processing

With SAP HANA, businesses can process and analyze spatial data in real-time. This allows them to understand patterns and get invaluable insights. Having impactful GIS features, SAP HANA can provide a single, comprehensive platform.

Text Analytics and Search

SAP HANA can also provide text mining and analysis that can help business owners understand unstructured data better.

The platform will minimize complications and will enable insightful decision-making. From social media posts to sentiment analysis, it can have quite a few advantages.

Series Data Processing

This type of data analysis identifies new trends and makes forecasts based on them. From monitoring price changes to determining energy consumption, SAP HANA can help businesses determine trends to gain competitive edge.

Graph Data Processing       

Graph data processing is important when analyzing relationships between interconnected data. With SAP HANA’s impactful visualization tools, business owners can create and navigate graphs to gain crucial insights.

How Crave InfoTech Can Help Implement SAP HANA

Partnering with SAP, we at Crave InfoTech help implement the SAP HANA platform. With our impressive services, businesses can make use of Big Data and garner advantage from the massive Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.

Here are some of the SAP HANA features that we offer:

  • Unlimited workload capacity
  • Data processing including text, geographical, social, graphical, etc.
  • Extensions of the SAP HANA cloud platform
  • Integration with SAP Fiori enhance the app’s user experience
  • Choice of deployment, including on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployment

With a team of tech enthusiasts, Crave InfoTech provides incredible analytics capabilities to businesses through SAP HANA. Our team also offers support and guidance along the way.


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