The retail industry revolves around countless time-sensitive processes like selling goods or services to consumers. What complicates things further is that there are countless variables to analyze and master, which (if left up to chance) can cripple an organization financially and damage your brand image irreversibly.


With Forbes predicting significant sales growth in 2018, it’s safe to say that the retail industry is about to witness a massive boon in the coming months. This has turned countless companies to try our retail solutions that can effectively bridge the gap between them and their respective retailers, and practically guarantee profits – even in today’s unforgiving market!

Here’s how we’re transforming the retail industry

1. Point of Sale:

The Crave InfoTech Point of Sale extension (cPOS) is the cornerstone of our retail solutions. When used correctly, the cPOS extension can digitally transform and optimize your sales process, thereby ensuring your profits.

Optimized for operation on the SAP Business One application, cPOS can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. It doesn’t matter if your company executes financial transactions from a single PC or from a complex terminal of retail computers, cPOS’s flexible design guarantees scalability and mobility.

What makes the cPOS so powerful is that it can reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 80%! Furthermore, the extension provides smart data to your retailers and makes it possible for them to treat challenges as stepping stones to success!

2. Warehouse Management:

Proper inventory control and sound warehouse management are essential to the success of your retail department. By always being aware of your current stock, not only can you advertise the right products to the most interested markets, but you can use this smart data to plan long-term business strategies.

Being fully aware of the importance of warehouse management, we at Crave InfoTech provide the incredibly powerful cWarehouse extension to our clients. This warehouse management is designed to be used by your floor staff and warehouse personnel to track, execute, and lodge day to day transactions in the warehouse.


We understand that your warehouse staff simply cannot be expected to sit at a computer all day and index every transaction. This is why our cWarehouse extension has a robust mobile application which is compatible with most smartphones.

Optimized for applications like ECC and SAP Business One, the cWarehouse extension is the most efficient way of always being informed of your daily transactions and deals. Furthermore, the app is fully customizable and can be customized to cater to the needs of your company!

3. Invoice Matching:

The importance of invoice matching can never be overstated. Generally speaking, invoice matching is cross-checking of vendor invoices, purchase orders, and product receipts to highlight any matching discrepancies. This helps companies extract information about accounts payable which is often crucial to their continued success in the open market.

The Crave InfoTech Invoice Matching and Invoice Automation extensions (cInvoice) help company execute this three-way check in an efficient manner. By completely automating the entire process, we can remove the probability of human error and ensure that your matching discrepancies are as accurate as they can be.

The cInvoice extension is fully customizable so you can define the tolerance band for reconciliation. By doing so, you’ll only be notified when your financial transactions and records don’t fall into this tolerance band. Furthermore, the entire extension is incredibly energy efficient as it can run in the background – drawing minimum resources from your systems!


These are just three of the many priceless services that we provide to our clients in the retail industry. We also offer cost-effective RDS for the SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Mobile EAM Services that combine with our extensions to guarantee results from day one!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how your company stands to benefit from our customized solutions!

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