The oil and gas industry is unforgiving, with little to no margin for error. With thousands of jobs and billions of dollars on the line, every asset in a company’s inventory needs to perform at optimum levels, to ensure that an organization can compete with its rivals.

With such high stakes involved, many companies operating in the oil and gas sector have turned to us for enterprise asset management. We at Crave InfoTech have helped countless organizations in the industry meet their goals and aspirations.

Here’s how we’re revolutionizing this robust industry.

1.Optimized Maintenance Solutions:

Crave InfoTech prides itself on its ability to optimize its clients’ Plant maintenance cycles to meet their needs. We believe that paper-based maintenance activities are outdated which is why we opt for the more reliable SAP PM software for all our clients’ prevention and correction needs. This gives us better control over the maintenance of assets and enables us to maximize their life expectancy.

Our maintenance solutions are custom-tailored to ensure task completion. These custom solutions enable our clients to generate notifications in real-time that help them regulate their workforce to meet their goals. Our solutions also help our clients in mapping, routing, and inventory control.

2.Warehouse Management

The importance of inventory control and WMS in the oil and gas industry can never be understated. If a company knows the gallons of fuel currently in its inventory not only can it attract A-list sponsors and business partners, but it can also use this information to plan for the future.

warehouse management | Crave Infotech

We are well aware of this need of the industry and offer the incredibly useful cWarehouse app to our clients. This warehouse management system can be used by your ground staff to execute daily transactions.

Furthermore, the app is fully integrated with SAP Business One which means your administrators can monitor each transaction as it’s conducted, concluded, and lodged. This increases productivity and minimizes the chances of human error!

3.Planner Workbench:

It’s an open secret that companies in the oil and gas sector need to think on their feet. This results in open and ever-changing business plans that need to be regularly documented and tracked so as to avoid confusion.

To meet this need of the industry, clients of Crave InfoTech are given access to the critically acclaimed Planner Workbench app. This application makes it easier for your managers to capitalize on the slightest changes in the market as they can schedule jobs on the go.

Planner Workbench app | Crave Infotech

What makes the Planner Workbench application so great is the fact that all changes are tracked and the central SAP system in your organization is automatically updated as every change is made!

The above-mentioned services are just three of the numerous services we offer to our clients in the oil and gas industry. What makes our services unique is the fact that we combine specialized Oil and Gas industry experience in EAM, Supply Chain, and Field Workforce Management to guarantee Digital transformation of the processes and employee productivity improvements.

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