The search for real-time task visibility, process agility, and manageability has been the primary driving force to attain and sustain a level of predictive plant maintenance. This search is at an end. You can read through the blog, but let’s give a spoiler right now. The answer lies with Crave InfoTech. Anyway, let’s begin.

So, you want to know exact shop floor developments in a convenient interface? And you want pre-populated risk mitigation protocols for proper reliability checks of assets? Well, Crave InfoTech’s perfectly engineered solutions will guide you to complete, and controlled plant maintenance.

You can boost your facility inspections, efficiency, and overall plant maintenance activities by over 30%! It’s time to embrace the power of a truly intelligent platform and drive your operations ahead in a compliant and future-ready manner.

All-in-one dashboard with custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You might have metrics within your processes, about which you want to have continuous updates. These metrics and triggers would be specific to your processes, assets, and environment. Now, if you found your system too rigid to work according to these metrics, or you found it tough to search for these KPIs within the database, this search, like the one above, is also at an end.

With Crave InfoTech, get an exact snapshot of what’s happening, anywhere, anytime, across your plant within a single dashboard, right at your fingertips. Track the exact key performance indicators, suited to your operations. These KPIs are synced real-time, so you would know the health of your assets, the status of your jobs, and the reliability metrics of your processes/production line including availability, mean time between failure, overall equipment effectiveness, etc.

Enterprise mobility: Live task visibility and instant approvals

There are times when supervisors want a real-time view of all the tasks happening on the shop floor. Now, due to the lack of proper mobility enablement, the supervisors or plant managers are updated about the technical completion of these tasks only when they are submitted or added into the system (post on-floor completion). This adds to the overall delay in the maintenance runs and the operations on the floor.

The solution is right here. No more guessing, only results. Crave InfoTech brings an intuitive mobility solution based on SAP’s intelligent Business Technology Platform (BTP) that helps you know the live status of each task as it unfolds on the floor with instant notifications and time-stamped images/updates. Simply and instantly approve tasks from a simple UI.

The smart workflows leverage mobile RFID scanners and handheld devices to ensure updates from anywhere, anytime. The technician can simply scan the asset or the part, and all the details would be auto-populated into their devices. Their edits or work would be captured live. The manager would have live notifications of each task and their completion status, backed by validated documentation.

Such mobility, intuitiveness, and agility help boost operational efficiency by 30% and follow-up jobs/tasks efficiency by 80%.

100% Risk mitigation | Embrace predictive maintenance

Go from simply reactive to breakdowns or anomalies to being able to predict their occurrence. You will be able to plan for all contingencies with the right resources, material, and skilled technicians at hand at the right time. This will give you consistently smooth operations.

There’s so much more to this than just predicting anomalies. As indicated above, the power of prediction gives you the power of control. You can foresee your requirements and prepare accordingly. You will have the right people, armed with the right tools, to handle the asset in the right way, at the right time. The entire guessing game goes out of the window.

Right at the start, we would help you gauge where you stand on a detailed maintenance maturity curve. If you are reactive with basic tools at your disposal, we would guide you – step by step – to improve your processes, tech, adoption rates, etc., and move through a preventive to a final predictive maintenance state. We know where you want to go, and we know how to take you there.

It’s an open-ended and specific discussion that you can have with us. You can know how exactly we can help you, in your specific use case. Just get in touch with us.

And yes…

White Paper | Intelligent platform-driven plant maintenance

Read our celebrated white paper on how the intelligent SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) can ensure a future-ready, optimized, automated, and high throughput plant. This will help you build on your core competencies and gain eventual market dominance.

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