An effective and agile supply chain is critical if you want to boost the productivity, profitability, and market cap of your enterprise. There’s a lot to say about the impact of timely and in-full deliveries, backed by a healthy supply chain, on overall customer satisfaction. Let’s just say – it has a large impact and get on with it. We would talk today about the tech and devices that improve this supply chain – and how it adds a 35-40% efficiency boost.

End-to-end order tracking | Across the supply chain | Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Complete extended warehouse and supply chain visibility, from the loading and dispatch to the delivery and validation. All items are scanned and accounted for, at all stages.

As a company, you know the fully-traced story of each order.

  • The loader scans the items/packages as they load them into the truck.
  • While unloading, the delivery person once again scans each item – directly from the Crave delivery app.
  • They can follow an intuitive workflow, taking them step-by-step through the process.
  • As each item is scanned, the details are auto-loaded into the system.
  • After all items are unloaded and handed over to the receiver, the delivery person would click an image (from the Crave delivery app) of the in-full delivery. This image is time-stamped. It can either be instantly synced with the system. It can also be conducted offline, to be synced later.

This is the core enabler for the supply chain efficiency boost.

EPOD and delivery validation | In-app image and sign capture

Validate all deliveries with electronic proof of deliveries (EPOD) including in-app delivery image and electronic sign (ESIGN) capture. All updates are also properly time-stamped.

As mentioned above, Crave gives you the complete story of the order, in real-time. As the person fulfills the delivery, he or she can validate the same electronically. This EPOD and ESIGN are very important. With this, the company has proper digital proof of all deliveries. It’s not just down to updates on a paper-based Delivery Run Sheet (DRS).

EPOD and ESIGN lay rest to all discrepancies and doubts while improving the speed, synchrony, and efficiency of the supply chain process. Let’s look at another benefit of the end-to-end order tracking and EPOD in the next point.

Credit Management | Returns and claims management

Automated process and platform for stores to e-file credit requests easily. The supply chain centers can easily validate and resolve the requests based on digital validations.

Let’s look at this in a step-by-step manner.

  • The delivery has been made; however, the receiver finds there are missing or damaged items in the order.
  • The receiver (store) simply accesses Crave’s credit management portal. They select the order and add a credit request citing the reason for the same. They may also attach proofs to the request.
  • Before this simple credit management portal, the receiver (many times) would have had to file a written credit request. This, in the past, took a lot of time to process.
  • Credit requests, now, could be generated immediately. The supply chain center (SCC) would get instant notification of the credit request as well.
  • As Crave has already enabled end-to-end tracking and EPOD for the orders, the SCC can simply go back to the tracking details and pinpoint where the issue originated.
  • Further, they can easily validate the credit request, based on the available digital proofs. This streamlines and hastens the credit reimbursements.

The same process can be followed for claims handling or returns management.

Full enterprise mobility | Handheld devices and scanners

Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) with RFID scanners, handheld computing devices, and portable label printers to ensure full ease of work, streamlined operations, and higher efficiency. Give your supply chain the mobility edge, fueled with full visibility and accountability.

Take the right turns within your supply chain journey. Power yourself with Crave InfoTech’s Intelligent Supply Chain Management. To know more, just get in touch with us.

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