Data analytics, interpretation, and application are the keys to unlocking extended productivity and profitability across processes and operations. So, how do you turn the right data into actionable intelligence, bringing it to the fingertips of the right person to apply at the right time? Through Crave InfoTech’s SAP Fiori-enabled products.

Available right out of the box, these products help with the following:

The above outlook is a simplistic and holistic view of how Crave InfoTech products help handle data and processes. The actual features, benefits, use-cases, are immense and diverse. We won’t be getting into that right now. We will be looking at only the data and process handling, backed by the impeccable design language of SAP Fiori, to ‘enable’ and ‘propel’ the efficiency of the features.

We are going to talk about what happens when great solution thinking comes together with perfect design thinking to create a fully-mobile, easy, and impactful experience for the employees. This helps perform better, faster, and more aligned with the overall goals and KPIs of the factory or plant.

Solution Thinking | Creating a zero-exception environment

The essence of solution thinking is simple. Rather than ‘fire-fight’ against a current or impending problem, solution thinking works towards improving the systemic processes to eliminate such problems altogether.

This aligns with Crave InfoTech’s philosophy of leading an enterprise through its maintenance maturity curve – going from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

Crave InfoTech Reactive to Predictive Maintenance

Many enterprises across the world simply look at asset maintenance as a cost with ‘reactive’ upkeep. This means that they fix post anomaly detection resulting in a short or long downtime. Further, it affects the overall throughput, pushes up resource costs, elongates lead times, etc.

With the right solution thinking, these enterprises can gradually move up on the maintenance maturity curve where they can predict, through full data visibility and intelligence, possible anomalies and nip them in the bud.

Solution thinking forms the crux of Crave InfoTech’s products. SAP Fiori’s inherent data alignment with multiple databases, including the master database helps keep data front and center always. This means at the moment of truth, during a task, the right data is readily accessible (anywhere). This takes out errors, improper fixes, inaccurate process records, etc. from the cycle.

Also, the inherent connectivity of SAP Fiori ensures that all collaborative processes across vendors and distribution networks are readily linked to the system. All collaborative data and its applications are right there at the fingertips for easy handling and operations.

Design Thinking | Making the processes easier, faster, and better

We have a solution and a process. It still must be handled in the right way, through the right workflow, to realize the full potential (and sometimes avoid some critical step omissions) of the process or task.

This is where design thinking comes in. It’s about making the user interface and experience so intuitive that each step organically follows the previous one. The user (technician, supervisor, engineer, etc.) can simply follow a workflow that would guide them through all necessary activities of the task. Every interaction with the app is super easy, for even people who are disinclined to handle tech.

Crave InfoTech’s products are design thinking-enabled and use the simple SAP Fiori layouts. There are no unnecessary data or design layers to overcomplicate the simplistic SAP Fiori design language.

The overall learning curve for these products is small and flat with very high adoption and usage rates. This means that the data is not just fully accessible, but also processed (in real-time) the right way for the best results.

End-to-end Solutions: Mobility and Process Automation

We read about the solution and design thinking benefits within Crave’s SAP Fiori-powered products. Another major enablement factor is full enterprise mobility. Crave InfoTech offers this mobility, agility, and responsiveness anywhere and at any time.

This means that the supervisor can assign tasks at any time, with full employee performance and timeline visibility. They also have, in a single dashboard, all the key metrics like the mean time between failure along with multiple condition-based triggers. He or she can preemptively assign maintenance tasks to the right employee on the floor.

The employee would get the assignment in real-time with the exact specs and functional locations pre-filled. When they approach the asset, they can simply scan the RFID code of the asset (it could be a boiler, equipment, spare parts, vehicles, etc.) with their handheld devices. This would auto-pull the required info from the master data.

A technician would have the right workflow with the right data to proceed in the most optimal manner. On completion, the technician updates the time-stamped report. They can even add an image for further records. All data recorded, added, or edited are error-free and instantly synced.

The supervisor has complete visibility of the progress of the task and processes. They can validate and approve the report in real-time.

This enterprise mobility, coupled with SAP Fiori-powered and solution + design thinking-enabled Crave InfoTech products – creates the complete and end-to-end offerings. These solutions or offerings impart scalability, efficiency, agility, visibility, responsiveness, manageability, and accountability to the entire system.

That’s the holistic view of the data intelligence of Crave InfoTech’s SAP Fiori-powered products. Is this something that could benefit your enterprise? Just get in touch and this path could be yours.

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