Enterprises usually deploy an ERP solution assuming that it’s the end-all, be-all solution for all their problems. However, ERP implementations often lead to disappointment. One of the major reasons for this is that employees find it difficult to get acquainted with and use such digital solutions. Recognizing this, SAP came up with a solution to this problem in the form of Fiori.

Fiori is the latest User Experience (UX) from SAP that utilizes state-of-the-art design principles to provide a simplified and role-based experience to users. SAP offers over 300 apps based on Fiori, spanning sectors such as finance, manufacturing, oil and gas, and logistics.

SAP has three types of Fiori apps: transactional, for monitoring transactions in the organization; fact sheets, to provide contextual information about key business objects; and analytical apps, to provide valuable insights into real-time operations. Businesses can deploy any of the hundreds of Fiori solutions at their organization according to their needs.

These apps can be used on any mobile device, granting users remote access to the organization’s assets. It also introduces a simple interface. Hence, every employee in the organization can easily use Fiori apps. Here are a few potential benefits that SAP Fiori apps can bring to your organization:

Easy-to-use interface

The biggest feature of Fiori is its easy-to-use interface. Employees can easily navigate through the app as Fiori apps allow easy data entry. Even if an employee is technologically unsound, they can be easily trained to use Fiori apps. They can update the job completion details with time and location stamps along with their digital signatures.

Similarly, a technician can be easily and instantaneously notified by a manager to carry out a maintenance procedure. The technician can easily comprehend the nature and complexity of the job to be completed, and thus they can schedule their tasks accordingly.

Real-time monitoring

SAP Fiori allows real-time remote monitoring of assets. Managers can remotely see the allocation of resources right from their workplace. This eliminates the need for physical inspection and helps save the time spent in the inspection process. Managers can gain full control of a wide range of devices, from their trucking equipment to their warehouse machinery. With SAP Fiori, managers can ensure that the equipment is working at optimum efficiency. Crave’s Asset Inspection tool is one such Fiori app that can help you with your equipment monitoring and maintenance needs.

Decision-making assistance

Real-time monitoring of assets can help authorities make business-driven decisions. This can help minimize expenditures with your maintenance procedures. Organizations usually rely on reactive maintenance, which is costly as well as time-consuming. However, with Fiori-based SAP tools, reactive maintenance can be changed to predictive. Thus, organizations can better allocate and utilize their resources. For instance, Crave’s Project Monitoring solution provides a novel way for businesses to enhance their decision-making capabilities.

Round-the-clock connectivity

Fiori empowers employees to connect with their team members virtually. Managers can assign jobs to their employees remotely using a mobile device. They can then easily track the job update and completion status of the assigned jobs. If they feel that the task is lagging behind, they can immediately connect with the concerned employee and take the necessary steps to get the task completed on time.

Managers can gauge the performance of their employees round-the-clock using performance analysis tools. They can filter out employees who are less productive and replace them with other employees. With features such as timestamps and digital signatures, managers have a complete overview of when the job was completed. This removes any confusion that might arise between the employer and the employee in the future as it can help remove time delays in communication.

In the initial days, clients using SAP complained about the dull and static feel of the interface, which was only accessible via a desktop computer. Fiori has brought in a fresh wave of simplicity to SAP’s user interface, providing a convenient user experience for those using SAP’s offerings. To get a customized SAP solution tailored to your needs, feel free to contact us.

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