We’re witnessing a significant shift in the fast-paced industrial landscape—  the tides favor sophistication, intelligence, and unprecedented efficiency. This shift isn’t just about adopting new technologies; it’s about integrating solutions that transform the very essence of operational efficiency and accuracy. Today’s supply chains demand precision and agility, where tracking each item from warehouse to distribution is crucial. On the production floor, the need for quick, at-source scanning of assets for maintenance highlights the demand for technologies that enhance transparency and efficiency across all enterprise processes.

To address these demands, Zebra Technologies presents innovative computing devices crafted to provide strong and reliable solutions. But the story doesn’t end with hardware. The integration of intuitive software is vital, and this is where Crave InfoTech excels, leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to complement Zebra’s hardware. The duo form a powerful alliance, combining top-tier hardware and software to deliver comprehensive solutions to streamline industrial automation.

Let’s dive into some impactful offerings and innovative software for next-level industrial automation.

The Evolutionary Journey of RFID in Next-Gen Industrial Automation

The Evolutionary Journey of RFID in Next-Gen Industrial Automation

The concept of RFID technology isn’t something new, yet it has become the go-to option for automating supply chain processes worldwide. Ten years back, when RFID first came into the picture,  the high cost was a major barrier to its widespread adoption. However, innovative strides by companies like Zebra Technologies have made RFID a more accessible option. It has elevated industrial automation to new heights. It’s particularly vital in repetitive supply chain processes, where it minimizes errors and reduces the need for human intervention. It makes sense that the size of the RFID market is predicted to increase from USD 13.41 billion to USD 23.29 billion by 2028.

Warehouses are increasingly turning to RFID to augment or replace barcode systems. Unlike barcodes requiring direct line-of-sight, RFID tags can be remotely scanned and located. This has added fresh life to inventory tracking efficiency. The tags are embodied with unique identifiers and wireless transmitters, facilitating seamless communication with portable and handheld RFID readers. This enables employees to swiftly scan several things anywhere in the vicinity.

RFID has become the lifeline of supply chain management and logistics in many ways. It enhances product tracking and boosts warehousing and transportation efficiency. Additionally, it improves security measures and supports cashless transactions. In healthcare, RFID wristbands provide secure patient identification, while aviation offers real-time baggage tracking. 

The Versatility of Zebra’s RFID Technology

The Versatility of Zebra’s RFID Technology

Zebra’s suite of QR-code and barcode scanners, encompassing handheld, fixed-mount, and wearable models, boasts advanced features like 2D scanning and image capture, enhancing their versatility for diverse data collection needs.

Zebra’s mobile printers are perfect for on-the-go use. They’re lightweight and battery-operated. These printers easily sync with your existing devices for efficient label and receipt printing. Uniquely, they encode RFID tags during printing, refining the labeling and tracking process.

For complete automation in warehousing, installing Zebra’s fixed RFID readers and antennas proves effective. Strategically placed, such as above doorways or along warehouse aisles, these printers can automatically identify RFID tags on passing items. Though this setup has a higher initial cost, removing the need for manual inventory tracking really pays off in the long run. It enables seamless tracking of items as they move through different stages and locations in the warehouse, streamlining the entire process.

Zebra and Crave's Synergy in Redefining Industrial Automation

Zebra and Crave's Synergy in Redefining Industrial Automation

The integration of Zebra hardware with Crave InfoTech‘s software, powered by SAP BTP, forms a comprehensive solution set for industrial automation. This synergy offers clients an effective approach to managing diverse business needs.

Optimizing Inventory and Asset Management

Optimizing Inventory and Asset Management

Crave Infotech’s Intelligent Enterprise Asset Management Suite (EWM) integrates seamlessly with Zebra’s advanced RFID scanners, such as the Zebra RFD8500 RFID Sled. This combination revolutionizes inventory control and asset management, enabling real-time tracking, precise data capture, and greater operational visibility. This integration significantly boosts SKU-level inventory accuracy.  It cuts down on the errors common with barcode scanning. This makes inventory management more efficient and quicker.

Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency

Crave InfoTech’s Intelligent Supply Chain Management suite and Zebra’s DS3600 Ultra-Rugged Scanner series streamline supply chain operations. This powerful integration enhances data collection and analysis, enabling more agile and responsive logistics, warehouse, and workforce management. The durability and precision of Zebra’s scanners, combined with Crave’s software, automate supply chain processes, minimize manual errors, and boost overall operational efficiency.

Simplifying Invoice Processing and Accounts Payable

Simplifying Invoice Processing and Accounts Payable

If you think RFID can only help you with warehouse management, think again! Zebra and Crave jointly automate financial processes. In addition to streamlining material entries, Zebra tools can automate accounts payable processes within SAP systems. Crave’s software uses SAP Build Process Automation (SBPA) to optimize approval flows and payment schedules.

Automating Processes for Peak Efficiency

Zebra’s versatile scanners, including RFID, QR-code, and barcode models, enable efficient tracking of spare parts, asset identification, and workflow processing. Users scanning asset codes with Zebra hardware receive immediate support. The Crave app, built on SAP BTP, automatically retrieves all necessary asset and task data, seamlessly integrating it into the workflow. This process not only guides users step by step but also automates essential supply chain functions, from warehouse management to logistics. Such integration cuts down manual work and errors, giving businesses a digital edge to adapt quickly to market changes and customer demands.

Stepping into RFID's Industrial Automation Era

RFID’s global impact is clear—cutting inventory times by 96% and improving receiving and shipping precision by 90% and 80%, respectively— dramatically boosting efficiency and accuracy. This isn’t just progress; it’s a revolution in warehouse operations.

In today’s fast-paced market, RFID offers the edge your warehouse needs. It’s not just about keeping up— it’s about leading the way in efficiency and automation.

Ready to transform your warehouse? Contact Crave Infotech. Our experts will guide you through RFID’s benefits tailor-fit for your environment. 

And if you’re keen on cutting-edge insights into industry 5.0 or next-gen industrial automation, our upcoming webinar might be just what the doctor ordered. Discover RFID’s transformational role in modern business with ‘How RFID in Warehouse Management is Transforming Industries,’ scheduled for November 16, 2023. It’s your chance to grasp the future of industrial automation with a tag at a time!

Zebra RFID in Warehouse Management is Transforming Industries

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