On the 27 of February in 2017, SAP SE demonstrated new technology that is aimed at making life easier for drivers and users of rental car services by making use of the Internet of Things in collaboration with Concur Technologies, Hertz and Nokia.

The SAP Vehicles Network as part of the SAP Leonardo portfolio, created an intelligent and automated driving experience. Everything — from car rental to parking and payment to integrated navigation systems and expense management systems for business travelers — is encapsulated by the SAP Vehicles Network solution.

SAP also made the announcement that the connected vehicle platform by the name of Mojio has also joined the SAP Vehicles Network and it will provide the parking and fueling using its app in the United States and Europe.

SAP Vehicles Network has been built on the SAP Cloud Platform and enables all the participating network companies to provide the services of mobility to their drivers and the passengers. SAP Vehicles Network enables integration and collaboration in order to facilitate new revenue streams and business opportunities for network members by standardizing the business processes. By making use of the network, member companies are now able to offer secure and convenient services like parking, fueling and location based food services that are tailor-made for the business traveler or any individual customer – all without being dependent on devices or vehicles.

This new collaboration draws on the strengths of each vendor that is participating. Concur, Hertz, SAP and Nokia have founded what is called the IoT Community. It is an ecosystem throughout the world where companies are collaborating with each other to come up with revolutionary IoT solutions and drive the development of the connected rental car service. Nokia has provided its IMPACT (Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things) platform to manage and securely control devices and sensors within a vehicle. That includes personalization of the driver settings and the entertainment systems along with the auto-configuration of the in-vehicle communications without the use of a Bluetooth connection. This ensures the privacy of data for the users. The IMPACT IoT platform by Nokia works hand in hand with the payment systems employed by the SAP Vehicles Network for the services of parking and fueling authorization. This makes for a smooth and optimized driving experience.

A Little About SAP

SAP is the current market leader in the Enterprise Resource Planning application and software. It helps companies of all sizes and shapes to function better via its Enterprise application solutions. Everything from the back office to the boardrooms, the warehouse all the way to the storefront, from the desktop to a mobile phone, the SAP software provides people and organizations with required facilities to be able to work in a very efficient manner and stay ahead of the curve as far as competition is concerned.  SAP solution caters to over 345,000 businesses in both the public and private sector to pursue the success of their operations in a more efficient and profitable manner. The solutions SAP provides are helping them adapt with the changing times and advancing technologies and maintain sustainable growth.

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