“Success is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take.” – Christopher Reeve

This sentiment rings true for Shranesh Kumar T C. Whether it’s his innovative approach winning us back-to-back hackathons or going above and beyond in aiding the organization’s strategic ventures— Shranesh Kumar is silently elevating our business foundation, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed our customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations. 

In every organization, there lies a heart that keeps the rhythm of success steady and vibrant. At Crave, Sharanesh embodies this pulse. His quiet yet determined approach mirrors our continuous learning and growth culture, epitomizing the resilient spirit that drives us forward.

This blog isn’t about innovative solutions, our accolades, or even celebrating employee success, for that matter! It’s about an individual’s remarkable impact driven by a desire to contribute and excel. So, without further ado,  let’s dive in. 

The Quiet Maestro of Innovations

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As a result-driven Analytics Manager, Sharanesh leads the effort in designing, implementing, and executing Analytics/BTP/SAP/S4 HANA, Power BI, and FIORI projects, delivering both functional and technical components of planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions using SAC. He is keen on Digital Transformation and continually strives to enhance operational efficiencies and drive insightful decision-making.

But beyond all that, Shranesh has always been an “all sleeves at work” kind of guy, always eager to lend a helping hand toward growth and organizational success.

Hack2Build Hat-trick

His collaboration and innovative mindset shone brightly during the Hack2Build events. He came up with practical solutions to real-world challenges, each having its distinctive blend of creativity and functionality.

Hack2Build Hat-trick

His passion for sustainability led to the creation of the “Intelligent Ecological Balance Report and Analysis” solution. This mix of BTP expertise and analytics tools like SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP  S/4 HANA Cloud wowed the panel, winning the competition. Organizations are now using this solution to track and reduce their carbon footprint in real-time and achieve net zero sustainability goals.

Working closely with our CEO, Shrikant Nistane, and team, Sharesh collectively dedicated nearly 105 man-hours developing another winner – the SAP Cloud ALM Intelligent Insights & Automation Suite. This tool provides a 360-degree view of the application lifecycle and landscape management.

But Sharanesh didn’t just stop there. Containing the winning streak, he went on to design an Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis solution- a one-stop platform for precise data-driven customer segmentation. It empowers businesses with proactive decision-making and personalized marketing strategies. Our team’s adept use of BTP and analytics tools like SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud, and RFM analysis nabbed the 2nd runner-up position.

Vrushali Nistane

“In all our hack2build session, Sharanesh has displayed a blend of innovation and dedication that is rare and inspiring. His triumphs reflect the caliber of excellence we strive for at Crave InfoTech.”– Vrushali Nistane, President, Crave InfoTech.

More than a Tech-whiz

If you think Sharanesh’s forte is solely rooted in his technical prowess, you’re only seeing a fragment of the picture. His contributions stretch beyond crafting analytics and metrics! His flair for crafting unique content has been immensely helping the organization amplify our brand’s visibility and reach. 

He has been diligently creating a lot of SAP third-party business content around analytics and SAC to help businesses understand and leverage the full capabilities of SAC tools and solutions. His team’s efforts have reduced the report generation time from days to hours, enabling timely insights for businesses.

Furthermore, Sharanesh isn’t just a call away— he’s an active participant in the marketing team. He generously shares his expert insights and deep knowledge, helping simplify complex technical concepts into engaging narratives. This effort not only makes our brand more accessible to our audience but also expands our brand’s reach and fortifies our industry credibility.

Reflecting Core Values: Beyond Business Metrics

Employees are the backbone of any organization. Celebrating employee success is more than a gesture of goodwill– it’s about recognizing and felicitating those who echo the company culture, and it’s our core values. In celebrating Sharanesh’s journey, we celebrate the core values of Crave InfoTech – innovation, collaboration, and excellence. When we celebrate his contributions, we do more than just acknowledge his efforts. We cast a spotlight on the culture of innovation and excellence that thrives within Crave InfoTech.

Sharanesh’s journey signifies how one person’s sheer dedication can drive growth and shape our brand’s perception. This is a nod to the spirit of excellence that binds us. It’s an invitation to all to contribute, innovate, and elevate our narrative within and beyond.

“Sharanesh has immensely helped our entire marketing team with his innovative approach and dedication to excellence. It has left a lasting impact on the entire organization. Always ready to help, he’s never shied away from sharing his expertise. Sharanesh has been a valuable asset to our marketing efforts, simplifying complex concepts and making our brand more accessible to our audience. Thank you, Sharanesh— your dedication inspires us all to aim higher, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.” – Richa Thomas, Director, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer, Crave InfoTech

Richa Thomas

“Miles to Go Before I Sleep”

When Crave InfoTech was founded in 2008, our goal was to fuel enterprises’ growth through the best innovative solutions tailored to their unique business goals & requirements. But that’s the one side of the story— the other lesser-known part of the story is all about our commitment to fostering an inclusive, modern, and employee-first culture from day one. After all, a company is as successful as its employees. We pride ourselves on our teams’ caliber, enthusiasm and dedication, and it’s no exaggeration to say they are the reason behind our success.

Sharanesh, your unwavering “drive for excellence” has raised the bar. Your knack for tackling challenging and innovative projects that pushed you and our teams to deliver the best they can is genuinely inspiring. You exemplify what Crave stands for – innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Thank you for your invaluable contributions. You inspire all your colleagues and teammates. Your journey reaffirms our belief – every milestone achieved is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter. And as we celebrate your journey, we are reminded there are miles to go, and together, there’s no peak too high to scale. 

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