Three cheers for Crave InfoTech! Once again, we’ve cemented our legacy at Hack2Build! This marks our third standout performance at Hack2Build this year, where we clinched the 2nd Runner-Up title. 

This September, the event, hosted by the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in North America, focused on analytics scenarios using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere. Among the standout contributions, Crave InfoTech’s Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis solution exemplified our dedication to innovation and our position as industry leaders. Let’s take a sneak peek at our remarkable success and explore the potential impact of our innovative solution.

Hack2Build 2023: A Nexus of Collaboration and Innovation

The stage was set for a masterful display of analytics scenarios and applications. With its focus on enabling market readiness, it wasn’t just about crafting prototypes but ensuring they had the legs for real-world application.

Hack2Build 2023: The Participating Companies

When the curtains rose for the Demo Jam on September 8, 2023, participants brought 15 prototypes, each reflecting a mix of technical skill and creativity. Crave InfoTech’s Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis solution shone brightly among this illustrious lineup, further solidifying our reputation as frontrunners in the domain.

Sharing the spotlight with Capgemini and Avvale was a significant part of the experience. With their invaluable insights for the LNG sector, Capgemini clinched the winner’s spot, while Avvale’s centralized dashboard for project managers earned them the 1st runner-up position. Crave InfoTech extends its congratulations to both and acknowledges the privilege of competing alongside them. 

Introducing Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis Solution

In today’s business landscape, marked by fluctuating customer loyalty and unpredictable sales, Crave showcased a solution that precisely addresses these concerns. Specially crafted for sectors like retail and manufacturing, our innovation transforms intricate data into actionable strategies, reinforcing customer ties and augmenting revenue.

Introducing Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis Solution Dashboard

Distinctive Features of Our Solution:

  • Unified Data View: The solution integrates data from multiple SAP and non-SAP sources, presenting a holistic view of customer behavior.
  • Advanced Analytics: Beyond mere number crunching, our solution’s embedded capabilities offer tools for forecasting sales trends and analyzing customer payment behavior.
  • Strategic Planning Interface: Value driver trees help evaluate customer segments’ impact and devise strategies that directly influence your profit margins. 
  • Interactive Dashboards:  Equipped with key performance indicators, the dashboards offer real-time, data-driven insights for swift decision-making.

Direct Business Benefits:

  • Increased Revenue: Our solution has helped clients enhance their marketing strategies, yielding a 30% increase in revenue.
  • Improved Customer Retention: The platform’s analytics capabilities bolster data-driven decisions, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting retention rates.
Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis Solution Architecture

Built on the robust SAP BTP platform, we’ve integrated both SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Analytics Cloud. By utilizing RFM analysis, we seamlessly consolidate data from varied sources. This seamless integration and Crave InfoTech’s grasp of market requirements and commitment to excellence were instrumental in our award-winning performance.

Final Thought

As Hack2Build 2023 wraps up, it’s clear that this wasn’t just a competition but a glimpse into the industry’s future. The event spotlighted a range of innovative solutions, hinting at the exciting developments ahead.

At Crave InfoTech, this recognition reinforces our commitment. Our solution holds the promise of scalability and fostering broader collaborations. Our mission remains clear: to lead, innovate, and partner effectively to shape tomorrow’s tech landscape.

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