In the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry, where timing and quality are critical, a staggering 45% of companies are still grappling with in-house legacy credit management systems. These antiquated processes slow down operations and lead to millions of revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction. A leading global F&B company faced these very challenges. 

Their legacy system for handling credit requests—delivery discrepancies like damage, spoilage, or overage—was cumbersome and error-prone. Franchises and stores faced delays and inaccuracies in credit approvals and disbursements. It was leading to operational bottlenecks and began to tarnish their reputation for excellent customer service. That’s when they partnered with Crave InfoTech to embark on a successful digital transformation journey to refine their credit lifecycle management. 

This collaboration introduced a sophisticated system tailored to streamline and optimize their overall credit management, leading to improved operational flow and customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the F&B leader’s success story and discover how technological innovation can revolutionize your business processes.

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Case Study | Global Food & Beverage Powerhouse Teams-Up with Crave InfoTech for Credit Lifecycle Innovation

Legacy of Credit Management Complexity in the Global Food & Beverage Sector

The F&B industry demands precision and speed, particularly in a global landscape where every transaction affects the bottom line. Known for its vast reach and swift service, our client, a popular American multinational pizza restaurant chain operates thousands of stores across 83 countries. This customer-favorite chain has built a strong reputation by delivering fresh pizzas with quality ingredients to thousands of stores across 5,701 cities worldwide. Keeping up with vast demands and ensuring customer satisfaction requires that all necessary materials for the pizzas are ready and fresh when needed.

However, maintaining such stringent quality standards across a vast network comes with its unique set of challenges, especially when managing credit for delivery discrepancies where timing and accuracy directly impact customer satisfaction. The existing manual system for handling credit requests—from the moment an issue was reported to the final disbursement of credit—was not slow and error-prone. 

Case Study | Global Food & Beverage Powerhouse Teams-Up with Crave InfoTech for Credit Lifecycle Innovation

Before our intervention, store staff used to manually file credit requests which then used to undergo a prolonged approval process before any credit could be disbursed. Those delayed resolutions led to operational bottlenecks. Dissatisfaction among store managers and franchise owners grew as these gaps in the credit lifecycle management began to undermine the brand’s commitment to excellence. 

The need for an efficient, reliable system that reflected the company’s stringent quality controls became evident. This urgency led them to seek a solution that could handle the complexities of modern credit management at a global scale while maintaining the integrity of their service promise. Renowned for our out-of-the-box industry-specific solutions coupled with our SAP Business Technology Platform expertise, Crave InfoTech was the clear choice to address these challenges.

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Case Study | Global Food & Beverage Powerhouse Teams-Up with Crave InfoTech for Credit Lifecycle Innovation

F&B's Strategic Shift with Crave InfoTech

Crave InfoTech closely collaborated with the client to tackle their intricate credit management challenges. Our objective was clear— modernize and streamline operations to ensure precision, speed, and compliance across all global outlets. 

We began by dissecting their existing manual processes. Leveraging our deep expertise in digital transformation and the robust capabilities of SAP BTP, we crafted a tailored solution designed to automate and digitize their credit management lifecycle. The solution provided a sophisticated yet user-friendly system that automated credit requests, processing, and disbursement. 

Our solution not only automated credit applications but also enhanced tracking and validation processes. It featured specific views for different user roles. It offers personalized access levels, automatic credit processing, and live updates for delivery discrepancies, ensuring that each stakeholder has access to the necessary tools and information. This approach simplified the workflow and enhanced compliance and operational control.

Case Study | Global Food & Beverage Powerhouse Teams-Up with Crave InfoTech for Credit Lifecycle Innovation

We designed the system with role-specific views and access levels, to ensure that all stakeholders—from store managers to financial controllers—had real-time information and tools at their fingertips. This facilitated quicker decision-making and improved compliance with industry standards.

For instance, in situations involving delivery discrepancies such as damage or spoilage, the system provides live updates and automatic claim processing. It significantly reduced delays and enhanced customer trust and satisfaction. The introduction of vehicle tracking and load validation within the supply chain further ensured that all deliveries met the company’s high standards for quality and timeliness.

The automation not only streamlined workflows but also enforced compliance through robust validators and controls. Every step in the credit lifecycle—from notification to final approval—was optimized for efficiency and accuracy.

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Case Study | Global Food & Beverage Powerhouse Teams-Up with Crave InfoTech for Credit Lifecycle Innovation

Optimizing Process Efficiency Across Global Chains

Our journey with a renowned global F&B chain wasn’t just about integrating new technology—it was about transforming operations to foster precision, speed, and compliance. By automating the credit management lifecycle, we’ve enabled this powerhouse to handle credit requests with unprecedented efficiency, leading to a 97% increase in satisfactory credit resolutions.

If your business—whether in life science, chemical, or another sector—faces similar challenges, this case study highlights the powerful impact of customized, industry-specific solutions. With the right technology and a dedicated partner like Crave InfoTech, you can streamline your operations, reduce costs, and boost customer satisfaction significantly.

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Case Study | Global Food & Beverage Powerhouse Teams-Up with Crave InfoTech for Credit Lifecycle Innovation

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