How easy would it be if you could just chat with the system and solve all your queries? With Crave InfoTech’s Conversational AI, powered by SAP, you can do just that and much more. Cut through any and all paths or learning curves… just ask the question and get the answer. It’s that simple.

Now, let’s put this conversational artificial intelligence (AI) into the business perspective. Leave applications can be cumbersome depending on the legacy system or process. The complexity of this leave management system increases exponentially with the total number of employees. Here, an inept system would lead to disgruntled employees, a heavy workload for human resource personnel, and confusing workforce availability for the supervisors.

Crave InfoTech solved this very real-world problem for one of our clients using an innovative conversational AI solution.

Case Study: Conversational AI to manage employee requests and issues

The smart AI chatbot, powered by the fast, secure, and accurate SAP intelligent cloud, helped streamline the whole leave management system for the client. The employees could simply talk to the bot, at their convenience, and set their leave application from any platform.

In a few steps, they were able to send out their leave applications. The manager (or human resource personnel) would see the requests in their ‘Inbox’. They would then easily approve or manage the request as needed.

Before the conversational AI solution, this process would take an hour at least. It could take far more time if the application gets missed and buried under other work mails. All this was brought down to 1 min. The employee could apply for leave within 1 minute. The manager would get a real notification leading them to a UI-optimized screen where they can evaluate and approve of the request instantly.

The new chatbot-based system proved to be immensely scalable, manageable, 100% available, repeatable, and secure. There was zero latency. No longer were the employees forced to wait for a long loading screen to apply for leaves. It was instantaneous.

This helped boost operational efficiency as the employees were satisfied and the managers (and the system) had good visibility of the available talent at any point.

AI driven conversational solution

Multilingual and Multiplatform functionality for the chatbot

The client was active across multiple global locations. With a massive workforce spread around the world, they wanted the chatbot to talk in the language of the users. Crave InfoTech delivered on this in spades.

The conversational AI system was multilingual. The employees could ask their questions and file leave applications in their language. What’s more? The chatbot was multiplatform. It could work on the preferred platform of the user. It could be Telegram, Teams, website, etc. The system was synced real-time across platforms so there was unlimited concurrency of multilingual conversations without any duplicate or erroneous data capture.

Intent-based Intelligence | Natural Language Processing

SAP’s intelligent Business Technology Platform (BTP) is equipped with the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and intent-based interpretation. The conversational AI system detected the intent of the user question in real-time, even if the user put in the query with spelling or grammatical errors.

Crave InfoTech’s chatbot understood the underlying point or intent of the user’s question/application. It could also go beyond that to detect the tone of the message. The powerful reinforced machine learning engine cuts down the confusion and keeps the conversation on topic, always.

The chatbot was extremely user-friendly and intuitive – getting massive appreciation from employees and managers alike.

More than 80% of queries resolved with Conversational AI

The conversational AI system was intelligent and dynamic. It was able to decipher the intent of the user, and impeccably direct the conversation through the required processes.  There were near-zero conversation drop-offs.

80%+ leave queries were resolved automatically through the chatbot without any escalation. At scale, this meant that hundreds of hours of repetitive work were completely automated. This time could be aptly reapplied for company-wide benefits, or simply work-life balance, which is equally important.

The underlying SAP platform ensured zero latency and lightning-fast responses to all queries, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the chatbot.

Human + AI | Easy and seamless transitions for quick resolutions

The conversational AI system dynamically analyzed the complexity of the query. If the leave application had unique elements that required specific human intervention, then the AI seamlessly redirected/escalated the conversation, without breaks, to the designated human (manager or human resource professional).

The human resource rep would see the exact details of the query as it comes to them in real-time. They would then be able to engage with the employee directly for a better suiting resolution. This transition is automatic and ensures minimal wait time for the employee.

Crave InfoTech engineered this solution for a large enterprise (in the minerals mining industry). The benefits were immediate and perennially improving.

If this is something that interests you, please reach out to us and we can solve your problems with our conversational AI.

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