Are you tired of counting inventory by hand? Do you wish there was a more efficient way to manage your supply chain? Read how Crave InfoTech helped a client in the consumer goods market revolutionize their warehouse management. 

Our client was an established player in the industry with dairy products, frozen foods, and ice cream as their core product lines. However, their low shelf lives and need for cold storage meant that agility, responsiveness, and control were essential to their supply chain. They needed to know the exact inventory count of each product line as it moved through the warehouse and wanted to automate the Inventory management process to ensure it was done quickly and accurately. 

Before our intervention, the process details were entered manually into the system, which took a lot of time and risked errors. Our client wanted a warehouse management solution that would bring in automation while streamlining product availability tracking. They also wanted a solution that would function effectively when offline, as the cold storage areas in the warehouse had poor connectivity. All in all, they wanted a solution that was a perfect fit for the consumer goods use case. 

That’s where we came in. As a key partner of SAP and Zebra Technologies, Crave InfoTech has been enabling industry-ready warehouse solutions across the globe for more than a decade. Our client partnered with us for a warehouse management solution with high fitment. Our solution ensured that the inbound, outbound, and internal processes were streamlined with full movement visibility. The client had a business logic within processes that established a ‘maker’ for each completion or update and a ‘checker’ that validated the same. We sustained this business logic in the solution, and now the users could process everything through an offline-ready app that could also help print required labels from anywhere on the floor. 

Our solution was specific to the Consumer Goods industry, with apps for Makers and Checks that had unique tech stacks. We also enabled direct scanning of info into the system, and the solution could work effectively whether offline or online. Inbound processing and automation were done through on-ground printing and scanning, and inventory counting time was reduced by 90%. 

The success of this case study highlights the importance of tailored solutions for specific industries to maximize efficiency and productivity. To learn more about this case study and the solution provided by Crave InfoTech, download the full case study. The case study provides insights into the challenges faced by the Global Consumer Goods Company, the solution provided by Crave InfoTech, and the outcomes achieved through the implementation. 

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