How do you boost asset lifetime value through proper Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) while leveraging SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)? Simple, channel perfectly maintained assets with completely compliant process workflows to attain higher utilization, greater efficiency, increased throughput and minimal-to-zero downtime. Just Crave it!

Crave InfoTech offers 50+ pre-packed industry-primed products that help maintain, sustain and elongate asset life and value. cMaintenance, Crave InfoTech’s award-winning EAM product, does all this and more. We’ll talk about this in a bit. Before that let’s pause to talk about SAP BTP.

SAP BTP – Turning transactional data into business value

SAP BTP offers you the all-round benefits of database management, advanced analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and smart platforms for intelligent applications. This gives you all the tools to propel your enterprise to the top of your competitive space backed by sustainable differentiation and competencies.

SAP BTP gives you exceptional performance, near-zero latency and complete security to build agility, responsiveness, manageability and transparency within your processes. Each aspect of the dynamically designed BTP – right from analysis, planning, delegation, tracking, execution, and learning, helps enterprises to generate greater value from their assets.

cMaintenance – The end-game for complete EAM automation

Crave’s products can work across platforms, with pre-built capacities to deliver the highest level of process efficiency irrespective of system architecture. cMaintenance, amplifies the power of the platform, especially SAP BTP, where your enterprise can reach up to 100% automation in 50%+ lower time. This essentially means you realize the full market value in quick time, along with consistent, agile and compliant processes.

cMaintenance enables high maintenance and shop-floor efficiency with:

  • better job and workflow management,
  • error-free on-floor data capture (using scanners),
  • on-floor label printing,
  • real-time process/job updates and approvals,
  • full enterprise mobility,
  • complete process transparency, security, and agility, etc.

To know more about cMaintenance, you can get in touch right away.

High asset utilization with cMaintenance and SAP BTP

The idea is simple, and within its simplicity lies its grandeur. High asset utilization arises from superior operational health of assets, low downtime, optimized wrench time, and consistent throughput.

Many enterprises struggle to attain some or most of these requirements. Their maintenance is mostly reaction, which means that they fix something once they detect the anomaly. This leads to compromised asset health and significant downtime. In some cases, like within high-value assembly line production (automotive, chemicals, CPG, etc.), the downtime can cost millions of dollars.

Conversely, lower downtime through preventive, even predictive, maintenance leads to:

  • better asset health management,
  • optimized wrench time – in sync with all processes,
  • consistent, compliant, and low-cost production (due to high resource + energy efficiency and economies of scale),
  • higher manager, engineer, technician (employee) satisfaction,
  • and, faster value generation with better quality.

As mentioned, before – simple. However, this simplicity, or predictive maintenance, is built over the overall industrial and tech intelligence of Crave InfoTech’s products and SAP BTP’s robust yet seamless performance. It’s the culmination of decades’ long pursuit of perfection.

That’s how the final intuitive and mobile product boosts asset utilization to help generate 30%+ higher process efficiency at up to 80% lower TCO.

Greater asset lifetime value with higher plant productivity

Crave InfoTech’s cMaintenance helps you move from reactive to preventive and then to predictive maintenance. This means that you have the power of foresight to leverage process visibility and workflows to maintain the prime health of your assets for a longer time. On-time and on-point maintenance help sustain operational floor efficiency.

Over the lifetime of the asset, from acquisition and deployment to final decommission and replacement, the resultant value generated is greater than the previously expected levels. This means that the asset, over its life, delivers 10-15% higher value.

The other critical areas are the connected processes and operations. The asset’s efficiency has a multiplier effect on the final output of the plant. The resources and time, which isn’t wasted on an inefficient asset, is channeled through more productive endeavors. And, due to the consistency within asset performance, enterprises have better control over their manufacturing forecasts and related lead times (connecting further to the supply chain).

Even though challenges with asset maintenance and life cycle management are significant, the industry-leading solutions offered by Crave InfoTech and SAP BTP can give you the confidence to not overcome the same challenges but to turn them into strong competencies. Just get in touch with us to know more.

Regulatory, operational and delivery compliance with cMaintenance and SAP BTP

Higher maintenance visibility and control help ensure operational and quality compliance resulting in minimal errors or quality deviation. Hence, cMaintenance helps enterprises achieve or sustain the Six Sigma standards.

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Also, cMaintenance, especially when it’s powered by SAP BTP, helps ensure total regulatory compliance for enterprises. This means that the manufacturing processes and related infrastructure are always up to the mark, leading to positive federal approvals (or clearances) like FDA, EPA, OSHA, etc.

Even though challenges with asset maintenance and life cycle management are significant, the industry-leading solutions offered by Crave InfoTech and SAP BTP can give you the confidence to not overcome the same challenges but to turn them into strong competencies. Just get in touch with us to know more.

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