Mobility carries an immense number of advantages for your enterprise company and helps it attain better interaction between people, processes and products. The separate elements which work together in your enterprise mobility infrastructure help improve your organization’s operational proceedings in a holistic manner. This is beneficial for your company’s employees, your customers, and subsequently for the overall cost effectiveness for the company.

The importance of enterprise mobility is something which is widely being recognized by companies all over the world due to their benefits. The challenge with deploying SAP mobility solutions is how to measure the impact. Here are a few ways for you to calculate the returns on investments that you have made into your enterprise mobilization applications.

Customer Satisfaction

A normal practice for any business, customer satisfaction is the first and foremost method of measuring success. How your customers feel about the service you provide them is just as important as how well your employees are performing their jobs in the company. Good mobility solutions for your enterprise will show a improved customer satisfaction.

Income against Expenditure

Once you are aware of all the different components operating within your enterprise’s strategy for mobilization, you will be able to accurately measure the financial benefits of the mobility solutions. You can make a comparison of the quantitative expenses that your company incurred from the solutions’ implementation against the financial benefits, marketing time and cost-effectiveness that the solution has provided.

Rate of Implementation

You can make a note of how avidly your employees are employing the new technologies, which the enterprise mobility solutions are bringing along with them. It will help you get a better understanding of your mobility strategy’s effectiveness.

Usage Data

Another important measure for the ROI that your mobility solutions are providing includes the data you are able to capture from it. By making use of the data you obtain from it, you will be able to better understand user-friendliness, average completion time for tasks, and the effectiveness of time saving it brings along.


Last, productivity comes in as one of the best measures to determine the ROI for your mobility solutions. By decreasing the time, it takes for your employees to perform assigned tasks and their need to travel to perform said tasks are viable methods to increase the ROI of a good mobility solution strategy. It is something which might be harder to quantify but nonetheless, it is an important unit of measure for the ROI.

Really determining the ROI for your company’s ROI on mobility solutions can be a bit of a tricky task. However, it depends on a plethora of factors but it is important to understand the value of enterprise mobility strategies in order to know why enterprise companies moving forward absolutely need to go mobile for increasing success and sustainability.

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