Before smartphones and the applications for these organizations to use came along, businesses had to be depended on their workforce to update them of any issues sometime at a later time.

Today, they can tell their seniors what is happening and search for solutions at the click of a button. This enables organizations to change any issues much faster. This also allows more flexibility and improved service to clients. Similarly, it also saves the organization cash, since it allows the supply chain to be more efficient in their game.

We believe, this is only the start of what mobility in supply chain change can do for the supply chain world.

1. Portability – Quicker access and faster movements:
As you must have guessed, portability has to be one of the primary benefits of SAP SCM, which was not possible few years ago. Having the capacity to take your information any place you go, enables you to make changes and give suggestions as you experience them. You can check the status of jobs anytime by simply checking the app and even fulfill an order. The mobile workforce can without much of a stretch, audit their agendas and satisfy a request.

2. Precision Monitoring – real-time updates:
With access to real-time information, managers can make informed decisions. They can see delivery performance and rates, undertake multiple stock counting functionalities, and oversee stock-keeping unit (SKU) barcode tags. This enhances the business intelligence and leads the way for better visibility and reporting. The benefits accelerate when a mobility solution is integrated with other supply chain execution applications.

3. Improved customer service:
Delivering a positive client experience is a crucial measure of success in the supply chain. A mobility solution allows timely updates to clients on their shipment, and the ability for your business to scale and adjust to their requirements. Regardless of whether your business is B2B or B2C, enabling clients with transparency of their shipments in the last mile can help dependability and consumer loyalty.

4. Mobility helps pinpoint performance and productivity gaps: Knowing where everything is at some random time i.e., visibility, can be termed as the Holy Grail for each manager, and mobility is putting that goal within their hands. Armed with accurate information, shippers can quickly identify and mitigate performance gaps, improve their agility, address inventory problems, and make other business-critical moves.

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