Inventory indexing and control is a time-sensitive operation that requires a lot of thought and attention. Moreover, the digitalization of warehouse management means that the entire process has become more complicated than ever before!

These days, not only do organizations have to keep a track of their inventory before and after each transaction, but they also need to coordinate everything with their warehouse employees to ensure everything runs smoothly!

Protect your business in the short and long term by never committing these 3 grave warehouse management mistakes.

Short Term Solutions:

By far, the worst thing you can do for your business is to focus on short-term fixes. Not only does this indicate a lack of foresight, but it can also leave you exposed to a plethora of problems in the long term.

For example, if you’re short-staffed during the Black Friday sale, hiring workers may seem like a good idea. However, you need to make sure that you only hire qualified people as those who haven’t had the proper training tend to be heavy-handed and can destroy fragile goods which can be disastrous for your brand!

Therefore, when approaching this problem (or any other management issue for that matter) you should analyze the bigger picture and plan your moves in advance. After all, if you don’t plan for your future, you’re planning to fail!

An Inefficient Layout:

Most businesses don’t pay much attention to the layout of their warehouse and stack products as the shipments arrive. We believe that this is an inefficient practice as it can massively slow down the rate at which your employees can track your products.

By mindlessly stacking unrelated products together not only do you make things hard for your inventory managers, but you also disrupt your ability to cater to your customers. Therefore, to ensure that you operate efficiently, meticulously plan the layout of your warehouse as this can do wonders for the productivity of your workers!

Outdated Inventories:

An outdated inventory is something akin to the black mark of death in the world of warehouse management. This common problem can easily be avoided by using a simple mobile warehouse management system (WMS Software) that automatically updates your inventory every time you make a purchase.

According to the State of Small Business Report, 56% of the businesses surveyed stated that they weren’t satisfied with their customer satisfaction levels. We believe this can be addressed by using automated Warehouse Management as this system automatically alerts you when your inventory is low. This gives you ample time to bulk order the product in question which ensures that your clients can always order your products.

The fact that these systems can enhance your brand’s image by preventing you from advertising “OUT OF STOCK” products is one of the main reasons why we’re such strong advocates of automated Warehouse Management Systems.

If you want to increase the efficiency of the warehouse by utilizing a WMS, we would love to help. Our team of expert technocrats specializes in the Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Processes and can help increase the productivity of your employees.

Contact us today to ensure that your warehouse always performs at optimum levels!

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