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A deep focus on industry-ready solutions and products helps us achieve the speed and quality within our offerings. This is design thinking + solution thinking working together seamlessly.


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“We are perennially focused on bringing forth the best products and end-to-end solutions with industry-specific perfection”

Shrikant Nistane
CEO and Founder, Crave InfoTech
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Aquarion Water Company

We were impressed by the attention paid to our end-users' concerns in the field and office. They displayed noteworthy technical know-how by giving us what we told them we needed. They were incredibly flexible and knowledgeable and worked hard to deliver the customizations we wanted.

SAP Partner

Crave Infotech, in Healthcare, is an SAP premier license, professional services, development, and cloud partner! As an SAP Healthcare Account Executive, I recommend Crave Infotech, who has consistently provided aggressive, timely, and highly qualified expertise support to SAP customers and prospects.

Dr. Reddy's

Having started as an automation journey in SAP, Implementation of EAM and mobile application has been a very beneficial initiative for us. Apart from improving productivity and the efficiency of engineers by a great degree, it has increased compliance and authenticity with audit trails apart from helping make informed decisions. The experience has made us excited to invest in the digitization of remaining processes on mobile.

Aquarion Water Company-2

Crave InfoTech came in, listened to our needs, and built something right to our size with the flexibility we were asking. They did it in a short period of time and at a level of cost, we could manage.

Pandya Hospital

This is the system we were looking for a long time to meet our digitization objective. The tightly coupled integration between patient care and the accounting system makes sure the revenue realization to the penny level. We are leveraging the best breed of IHMS with a globally renowned SAP ERP.

Cintas Corporation

We wanted to use SAP Fiori as the digital interface for the benefit of our organization plus the organizations of our partners. What we found was the demand for that sort of interface has exploded. Even people who have been around for a long time and are used to SAP Business suite powered by SAP HANA prefer to use the SAP Fiori interface